Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Malaysia Really Sure Boleh - WTF!!

I was surfing and reading some interesting article from The Star Online, then something really caught my attention. WTF!!! Malacca, the historical city of Malaysia, gonna have the largest bowling alley in Malaysia!! Nia mah, sai ng sai ar?? Really or not!!

From news, it stated that Malacca as tourism destination will become more keng chau if got this state of the art and the largest in Malaysia bowling alley. Fuyioooooooh... Later no more people will say Malacca famous for its satay celup or A Famosa jor, later Malacca will become famous for its bowling alley, best in Melaka, Johor and some say Singapore!!! The bowling alley situated in Ayer Keroh will have 52-lane one more keng chau than 50-lane bowling alley at Megalanes in Prai and this cost the gaoment between RM6mil and RM9mil. That's why gaoment alway bocor here and there lately, coz they need to support this bowling alley.

Not sure later, this bowling alley gonna be white elephant or not. I don't think people will go there to play bowling, I think they prefer going for sight seeing this historical place and bang balls. I still can remember, last time I visit bowling alley at Senyum Supermarket and Mahkota Parade, both of the place also pak wu yeng one. Haizz... really no eyes to see and let sky keep the bowling alley and gaoment!!!

Nia Ma!!! Malaysia Really Sure Boleh!!

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