Thursday, May 31, 2007

Impak Maksima - Malaysia Version of Initial D

Fuyiooh... Now we got our own Malaysian version Initial D or Fast and Furious: Toyko Drift!! Our local movie industry came out with a movie called Impak Maksima, which also know as Maximum Impact!! The trailer begins with cars blardy drifting here and there in KL city center at night. Haizz.. dunno got uphill or better still downhill race or not at Genting. If got also, sure the movie will be over budget. You all know why?? Coz they alway needs many many new cars, as their cars alway masuk longkang or worst, masuk gaung, coz tarak skill drifting!!! Hahahhaha!!

Our local well known drifter Tengku Djan and his red fiery heavily modified RWD Proton Waja also make an appearance in this trailer. An Ahbeng yellow AE86, also got in that trailer, otherwise it’s not ‘drifting’ anymore. Thank you, Initial D, for popularizing Toyota AE86 despite of its age. Dunno our Drift King, Keiichi Tsuchiya, got cameo in this movie or not!!!!

From the trailer, if listen properly, you can hear this phrase...

"Orang nak main kereta, lu pun nak main kereta! Lain kali kalau tak ada duit, jadi Mat Rempit aje lah! "

Hahhahaha.... let's cut the crap and watch the trailer. Hope you all ENJOY IT. Cheers..

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angel said...

Among the stars of the movie is Tengku Djan’s heavily modified red rear-wheel-drive Proton Waja. A yellow AE86 is thrown in as well, otherwise it’s not ‘drift-racing’ anymore. This is of course thanks to the Japanese manga, Initial D, from which the AE86 gained immense popularity despite its age.

Did you copy this from somewhere? I hope you know the meaning and consequences of plagiarism because you are monetizing your blog.