Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Sales!!! Sales!!! Sales Marathon is Back!!!

OMG!!! Sales!!! Sales!!! Sales are everywhere!!! Cash??? Loaded!!! Credit cards??? Loaded!!! Si Lai (auntie) instincts??? Loaded!!! My balls??? Loaded.. errmm I mean always with me!!! I miss out the last weekend warehouse sales craziness for Fila, Loreal and Metrojaya, but no sweat, for this Labour's Day offday, I shall be prepared!!! I will come, see and conquer it!!!! Shall ravage and plough like a mad man with insticnt and experince of beribu-ribu si lai !!! Wakakakaka!!! So you folks out there, care to join me in sales marathon tomorrow? Drop me a message!!! BTW, check out here for more details on the warehouse sales...

Kkjm's Yearly Performance Review

What those words on yearly performance review REALLY mean. Let kkjm translate for you folks what he understand. It will be a mind-fucking for you!!!

1. OUTGOING PERSONALITY - Always going out of the office
3. GOOD COMMUNICATIONS SKILLS - Spends lots of time on the phone
4. WORK IS FIRST PRIORITY - Too ugly to get a date
5. ACTIVE SOCIALLY - Drinks a lot
6. INDEPENDENT WORKER - Nobody what she/ he does
7. QUICK THINKING - Offers plausible excuses
8. CAREFUL THINKER - Won't make any decision
9. USES LOGIC ON DIFFICULT JOBS - Gets someone else to do it
10. EXPRESSES THEMSELVES WELL - Speak common English
12. HAS LEADERSHIP QUALITIES - Is tall or has louder voice
13. EXCEPTIONALLY GOOD JUDGMENT - Lucky bastard or bitch
14. KEEN SENSE OF HUMOR - Knows a lot of dirty jokes
15. CAREER MINDED - Back stabber
16. LOYAL - Can't any job elsewhere
17. PLANS FOR PROMOTION or ADVANCEMENT - Buys drinks for all the boys
18. GREAT VALUE OF THE ORGANIZATION - Gets to work on time
19. RELAX ATTITUDE - Alway sleeps at desk

Hahahahahhaha!!!! FUCK, now I know why I did badly in my last performance review!!! Damn it, should know better if I got to read this earlier!!! And lastly, please do get a dog if you want loyalty as I only fucking for money!!!! $$$$$ ka ching $$$$$ ka ching $$$$$$ No more other than that coz kkjm the greatest said so!!!

Fucking Gross!!!

Click of the picture for larger viewing.
FUCKING GROSS isn't it!!! How can someone google for naked pictures of an old lady or other people's grandmother especially RAFIFAH AZIZ!!! Really having butterflies in my stomach!!! Can't find other ladies to salivate on izzit??? *fainted* fucking crap has the world became....

Monday, April 28, 2008

FUCKED UP Monday Morning...

Another FUCKED UP Monday morning. All because of 1 bitch kept barking around!!! Anyway... I'm doing some charity for the ladies. So who want free check-up??? Wakakaka!!!!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Take A Bow...

Artist: Rihanna
Song: Take A Bow Lyrics

Ohh, how about a round of applause,
Yeah, standin' ovation,
Ooh ohh yeah, yeah yeah yeah yeah.

[Verse 1]
You look so dumb right now,
Standin' outside my house,
Tryin' to apologize,
You’re so ugly when you cry,
Please, just cut it out.

Don’t tell me you’re sorry 'cause you’re not,
Baby when I know you’re only sorry you got caught,
But you put on quite a show (oh),
You really had me goin',
But now it’s time to go (oh),
Curtain’s finally closin',
That was quite a show (oh),
Very entertainin',
But it’s over now (but it's over now),
Go on and take a bow, ohh ohh.

[Verse 2]
Grab your clothes and get gone (get gone),
You better hurry up before the sprinklers come on (come on),
Talkin’ 'bout girl, I love you, you’re the one,
This just looks like the re-run,
Please, what else is on.

And don’t tell me you’re sorry 'cause you’re not (mmm),
Baby when I know you’re only sorry you got caught (mmm),
But you put on quite a show (oh),
You really had me goin',
But now it’s time to go (oh),
Curtain’s finally closin',
That was quite a show (oh),
Very entertainin',
But it’s over now (but it's over now),
Go on and take a bow, ohh.

And the award for the best liar goes to you (goes to you),
For makin' me believe that you could be paithful to me,
Let's hear your speech out,
How about a round of applause,
A standin' ovation.

But you put on quite a show (oh),
You really had me goin',
But now it’s time to go (oh),
Curtain’s finally closin',
That was quite a show (oh),
Very entertainin',
But it’s over now (but it's over now),
Go on and take a bow.

But it's over now.

Did You Know??

Did you know that kkjm can do sewing? Hahaha... I know you folks must be thinking. Is this April joke or am I talking cock!!! No doubt, I do know how to sew if necessary. Don't play play if not I sew your kkj up only you know!!! Since last weekend, I was lonely and nothing else to do, decided to patch up my precious Levis jeans which I been procrastinate for quite some period. Why I was lonely? Mmmhhh.... Let me think, 1st wife busy with her Kai Ka Lo, 2nd wife busy BLOWING other people, 5th wife dunno go where MIA and lastly my lovers ditched me... Wakakakka!!! *bluek* Anyway, nice or not??!!

Top Beauties in the World

China's Zhang Zilin, who was crowned Miss World 2007

Yuri Ebihara of Japan

Alessandra Ambrosio of Brazil

Alina Kabayeva of Russia

Heidi Klum of Germany

Aishwarya Rai of India

Penélope Cruz of Spain

Elizabeth Hurley of the UK

Honey Lee of the Republic of Korea

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Liz Hurley is YUMMIEST MUMMY !!!

Liz Hurley is the yummiest mummy in her new stunning photo shoot. Elizabeth Hurley is 42 years old, and boy does she look good and fucking hot. No doubt she is yummilicous and bootilicous!!! She maybe 42 years old but Hurley has the figure of a woman half her age. Take a lot at these pictures and I'd dare you to find any 42-year-old who looks that good in that little. Mmmhhhh maybe Catherine Zeta Jones stand chance?

Should I Get This for My Wedding Ring?

Now I know where to get my aniversay rings for all my seven beloved wives... maybe I should get it for my lovers too. Isn't sweet and nerdy? Wakakaka!!!

There you have it, the single most profound expression of your love and superiority over token ring in a $175 package. Presumably, these Ethernet rings come in both straight-through and cross-over pin-outs for traditional and same-sex nerding.

Monday, April 21, 2008

I Love this FREEZE... totally awesome!!!

207 people freeze for 5 minutes in place on cue in Grand Central Station in New York. Totally awesome to watch. Nearly create a commotion...

Freeze For World Earth Day

Let's freeze for our world sake and our mother earth sake!!! Wakakaka!!! Interesting event and glad that it did make it to Malaysia!!! Woooohhhooo!!! Check out more freeze event from around the world at youtube. You'll be surprise and astonish!!! Totally cool!!! Anyway, last Friday, HHTHJM decide we should join this event show our support at Sunway Pyramid. Guess what? We did went there to show our support. You just need to freeze for 4mins only!!! No more than that... just freeze to save the world and save enegry. This reminds Madonna feat JT latest song - 4 Minutes (to Save the World).

Me and CM arrived there early to avoid the congestion at parking lot. There was some confusion happen at first!!! I got screwed by my first and second wife!!! Damn it!!! Wakakaka!!! Initially, we plan to meet up at Starbuck at 7:30 pm, but my first wife told me no need already and she will call me when time come to gather while my second wife was at the other side yelling at me why I have not show up thru SMS!!! Girls and wives's warth!!! Wakakaka!!! Luckly everything falls in nicely into places. Got our flyers and start following the crowd and.... FREEZE!!! FREEZE!!! FREEZE!!! Total silent...

Freezing for 4 minutes seems eternity and a bit lame though. Wakaka!! But it is for a good cause. So what the hell!!! Lucky, we came a loads of friends and wives!!! Luckily, HHTHJM able to make as she was late. *sweat* Hahahahah!!! After the freeze, we went over to Kim Gary for dinner and some drinks before headed home.

Save Energy by Freezing People & Power