Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Evolution of Dance with Jud Laipply

Geez, me still having fucking Monday blues although already early Tuesday morning. Really really sucks. You sucks, you sucks, you sucks!!! Hehehehe... acting up just like Steven Lim. Whole day meeting here and there, can't get my work done, later go home at night need to attend 2 conference calls!!! Damn kau no life, right!!! So when I was busy diggin youtube for something entertaining and farney to cheer me up a lil bit. I found this video clip - Evolution of Dance with Jud Laipply. Pretty awesome because it gets the mood going. Quite a long video but worth to watch it till the end!!! Monday blues, shoo shoo, faster faster go away!!!

Apa Tu Goblok?

Apa tu Goblok? Ish ish, takkan tak tau!!! Skrang kat Malaysia, ahli-ahli blogger sudah terkenal dengan panggilan goblok bolgger. Fuyioohhhh!!! Nama yang special sangat diberikan oleh ahli menteri kita. Ahli menteri kita memang pandai dan berilmu tinggi sampai pandai meminjam Bahasa Indonesia dari seberang. Mai mai, jangan malu malu, mari beramai-ramai beri tepukan gemuruh dan tabik dengan penuh hormatnya kepada ahli menteri kita yang berwibawa!!! *nak pengsan dan muntah darah ala Chow Sing Chi!!!* Hahhahahaa!!!!

Okay, balik ke topik asal kita. Apa tu Goblok? Goblok adalah sebuah kata yg artinya Bodoh atau Tolol. Biasanya dipergunakan sebagai ekspresi kemarahan terhadap kebodohan/ketololan seseorang dengan sangat. Contoh: "Goblok lu!!, gitu aja gak bisa". Walaupun demikian, penggunaan kata ini lebih menunjukkan ketidak mampuan orang yang mengatakannya akibat tidak dapat mengendalikan emosinya. Hahahaha... berinformasi tak??? Hang curi bulat-bulat dari sini.
Ok ok, back into english. Goblok now has become so popular and famous word since our minister used to describe bloggers. Actually, I think you guys and gals out there dunno that Goblok is the most interesting and colourful word these days in our daily conversation. Since our minister use it, then we must use it lar!!! It is one magical word which just by the sound can describe pleasure, hate and love.

"Goblok" falls into many grammatical categories. It can be used as a verb both transitive (eg. Goh gobloked Irene) and intransitive (eg. Irene was gobloked by Goh) It can be a noun (eg. Goh doesn't give a goblok about Irene) or an adverb (eg. Irene is damn kau goblok beautiful)

It should be obvious by now that there are not many words as versatile as the word "Goblok" Besides its stupid onnotation, this lovely word can be used to describe many situations:

*Fraud - Gobloknya, dah kena tipu goblok!!!

*Dismay - Puki mah, GOBLOK!!!

*Trouble - Ish ish goblok betui masalah ni...

*Aggression - Oittt..Napa GOBLOK sangat!!!

*Passive - Saya goblok?

*Confusion - Apa tu, saya goblok sikit...

*Difficulty - GOBLOK!!! Apa pasal susah sangat ni??Tiu, ng chat meng ah...

*Philosophical - Goblok jangan tak goblok...

*Incompetence - Oh, goblok lar...

*Displeasure - Goblok, apa dah jadi ni??

*Laziness - Goblok lu lar, pemalas!!!

*Rebellion - I goblok, you jeles ke??

*Direction - Hoi, apa tempat yang goblok ni??

The mind really boggles at the many creative uses. So you all tell me now, how could anyone be offended when the minister say the word GOBLOK!!! You all tell me now!!! Hahahhaa.... have fun, use it in your daily speech because it adds to your PRESTIGE. Why you ask me?? NMKCCB!!! Dare to ask me back somemore!!! When we use it daily, we can become minister mah!!!! Aiyo.. so easy!!! GOBLOK BETUL LAH!!!

Monday, July 30, 2007

Now We Are Stupid Bloggers??!!! Next, Terrorist Bloggers?!!


MALACCA: The public should be wise in identifying the websites of goblok (Indonesian slang for “stupid”) bloggers, who are willing to be tools of others to destroy the nation, said Information Minister Datuk Seri Zainuddin Maidin.

“These writers do not have an Asian mentality but lean towards a Western thinking because they were educated overseas.

“Thus they assume that the Western style of democratic freedom is better. The goblok writers only have their own interests at heart and should be ignored,” he said after launching the Jalur Gemilang Convoy 2007 at Bandar Hilir here yesterday.

Earlier, in his speech Zainuddin said the convoy of 50 four-wheel drive vehicles that would travel throughout Malaysia was important to re-instil the spirit of Merdeka in the people.

He said the participants would be able to see the country’s development throughout their journey.

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Shopping Spree Frenzy!!!

Phew!!! This weekend was hectic weekend, because sale is everywhere!!! It has been quite sometimes I went crazy shopping, I think the last was the Fila warehouse sales. I did not make plans for last Friday night, so decide to ask Handsome Guy and my jie, Saoirse to tag along to Hush Puppies Warehouse Sale at Armada Hotel, PJ. Bought a pair of Hush Puppies loafers. It wasn't the design I was looking for ages, but hey, a beggar cannot be a chooser. Hehehhee.. Saoirse fall in love with a few pairs of sandals but no sizes. Too bad for her!!!

On the next day, Saturday morning, I woke up feeling hyper, force Mum and Sis to go shopping around PJ and Shah Alam since Dad interested to get a pair of leather shoes. Our first stop was SS13, PJ for LuxAsia Fragrance Warehouse Clearance. Reach there at 11am, the traffic was heavy and people already lining up on the roadside. WTF??!! Like no need money nia?? Not wasting anymore time, we left for Armada Hotel for Hush Puppies Warehouse. Yeah, you heard correctly, again Hush Puppies. Really can't get enough of it. Mum kept nagging, she said yesterday go already, today go again, not sien one meh??!!! Hahahhaha.. I told her that maybe got new stock ler. Hehehe.. somemore me kiasu mah!!!! Anyway, I need to get Dad a pair of leather shoes. The crowd was so-so nia, not as bad as I expected. Heard last year, there was a big big crowd, till people need line up from the ballroom at 3rd floor till car park. Try to imagine how big is the crowd, can go chi sin one!!! After looking here and there, left and right, Mum and I decide to get Dad 2 pairs of Obermain leather shoes. Dunno he like it or not. Hehehee...

Our next stop was Crocodile Stock Clearance Sale at Amcrop Mall, PJ Newtown. The sales was so-so and didn't meet up the expectaction. We did not get anything from there. I run into Khalis, my HR director. Fuyiooohhh... he also on shopping frenzy!!! Hehehe... We had lunch at Sri Melaka courtesy of Sis. Thank you, Sis!!! Actually, I force her to belanja one!!! Keng mou!!! Lol!! Nice food and environment. I had Mutton Rendang with Rice, Sis had Assam Laksa and Mum had Nyonya Fried Rice. Before we head to our next destination, Mum and Sis hang around Gaint and I go jalan jalan around the flea market. Not many store as Sunday flea market. Highly recommended if you guys want to get all the antic things.

Next stop which is our final stop, was to hunt for Levis jeans. Price knockdown on Levis and Dockers at Shah Alam Mall. Discount till 70%!!! No bluff one!!! I checked with lady boss of the shop why there is sales since Levis stores seldom have sales one. She told me that they overstocked and in addition, she said the jeans and pants are not rejected products. Dunno true or not. Hahahaha... Now, the lady boss and I kam ching liao and since she know I stay nearby, dunno in the future, she will give me more discount or not!!! Dream on, baby!!! I got myself a pair of Levis Red Loop 505 for 40% less. Totally awesome!!

As a result, I got myself 3 pairs of new shoes and a pair of new jeans. Pokai lor!!! My credit card nearly melted cause swipe to many times. Hehehehe..... Now must save up more money for my next shopping spree frenzy!!!

People mountain, people sea @ Armada Hotel!!!

Buy shoes also got bodyguard one meh??!!

Lai lai, cheap cheap Crocodile underwear!!! No buy also nvm, can smell it for free!!!

Crocodile Stock Clearance Sale @ Amcorp...

Sri Melaka @ Amcrop

Mum's Nyonya Fried Rice...

My Mutton Rendang with Rice...

Sis's Assam Laksa

My 3 new pairs of shoesss...

Levis Red Loop 505

Nice or not?? Please ignore my hairy bulus!!!

Welcome Back Lunch For My Lao Po!!!

This post should done last Thursday, but I was damn kau lazy!!! Sorry eh, lao po!!! Hehehe... So as you all know that, my 1st wife just came back from Austin, USA after a 3 months stint there. She reached Malaysia on Wednesday, but I did not go and pick her up because her kai ka lo was there to do so!!! Damn, he more faster than me!!! Hahhahaha.. anyway, at her first day of work at Malaysia, my 1st wife was craving for yee mee at SS3, our usual lunch hangout area.

HHTJTM decide to invite other colleagues to join us for lunch. I mah don't want to lose face, I also decide to invite my other wives, but in vain, only second wife decide to tag along. *sob sob* So there were 9 of us going out for lunch. One of the biggest lunch gang, I have go out with. Mana tau when reach our usual lunch hangout area, the restaurant was closed. NMKCCB!!! My wife want to eat yee mee, you closed at that time!!!! Hahahha.... so without wasting time, we went over to the next restaurant across the road. Talking about bad luck!!! No table pulak. What the heck!! We waited for few minutes and decide to cramp in one table. Although, having some difficult time to makan and minum because so cramp but everybody is having a good time, talking cock and do some catching up with each others. Just like one big happy family, the feeling of warmness and closeness is out of this world.

To my 1st wife, welcome back to Malaysia, we all here damn kau miss you, especially me lor..!!! Hehehehehe... for next lunch, we go pak tor, okay? Just you and me!!! Mucksss...

Pang, Joyce, HHTHJM, 2nd wife, Angelynn, 1st wife, WY, Erica and Brian...

Me early early eat finish jor, others still eating...Hehehehe...

1st wife and Angel still bz eating...

Makan, makan, jangan tak makan...

Hong Kong View - Cool Stuff

Friday, July 27, 2007

Heroes: Latest News

Here is some fresh news and rumors about NBC Heroes’ Season Two. They come mostly from this morning’s on-the-set press conference, sponsored by the TCA. Masi Oka was the tour guide.

• Nathan and Peter are alive. Or better say “not dead?”. Isaac is dead but we’ll see more paintings of the future during season two.

• The series will take a four weeks break at Christmas, and another -similar- break in Spring.

• Hector Luis Bustamante (of ‘Hostage’ fame) has signed for a guest starring role that may turn into recurring

• Lyndsy Fonseca is off the show . Fonseca’s “gay cheerleader” role had to be cut after Fonseca landed a series regular part on Desperate Housewives.

• Ali’s character, Niki, will move away from the split-personality gig.

• The entire cast was present at the TCA press event on the set but Leonard Roberts (D.L. )Note this is the second Heroes’ press conference in a row without Roberts. Rumor, still going strong, is we won’t see D.L. during season 2.

• Dania Ramirez revealed that her character, Maya “..speaks Spanish, is in Central America and she’s running from the cops…”. Press notes describe Maya as “a young woman plagued by a threatening ability that has driven both her and her twin brother Alejandro (Shalim Ortiz) from their home in the Dominican Republic to make the dangerous crossing to the United States in search of help.”

• Zachary Quinto, asked about his role on the upcoming Star Trek movie said “Everybody else seems to have more to say about it than I do”…”I’m under strict orders not to say anything ” But the usually well informed insiders insist he got the part, and Tim Kring said “we’re in negotiations about that now” [he’ll work Quinto’s shooting schedule to not interfere with Star Trek’s].

• Haiti, Egypt, Mexico, Ireland, Ukraine, Japan and -obviously- the US are among this season’s destinations.

• Ubisoft is finishing a deal with NBC Universal to produce a “Heroes” videogame. Official announcement might come as early as this weekend at the SDCC.


Sweet Memories in the Rain

Thank you for the sweet memories,
Sweet memories in the rain,
Never fail to make me smile while thinking of it,
In the rain,
We embrace each other closely,
Keeping each other warm,
Shared an umbrella together,
Walking and dancing in the rain,
Kissing in the rain,
Although just few second,
A fraction of eternity,
I will cherish it,
Thank you for the sweet memories in the rain.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Invisible Target - We Are Police!!!

Yesterday, total of 8 person including myself, HHTHJM and my lovely second wife watched Invisible Target at Cineleisure. Invisible Target, a Hong Kong martial arts-crime film directed by Benny Chan. It stars Nicholas Tse, Shawn Yue and Jaycee Chan as three police officers who are thrown together due to their backgrounds to bring down a criminal gang of seven led by Tien Yeng-seng (played by Wu Jing). An armoured truck is secretly transporting $100 million for a US bank when it is hijacked by a band of robbers calling themselves the "Ronin Gang". The gang blows up the truck and makes off with all the cash. It is a cop vs thief action packed movie.

I did not give any much expectation on this movie. But surpise surprise, this movie is awesome, highly recommended. Love the funny scene when 3 of them were half naked helping each other to apply ointment. I really can feel the ghayness to max, nearly had a hard on also. Hehehehe.. The action scenes was tremendously good and adrenalin pumping till kept HHTHJM grasping hard on her seat. She nearly break the arm of the seat. Overall, awesome movie to watch since New Police Story. Only that the story line a bit so so nia and predictable except for the part where one of them kill during the mission. HHTHJM cried her lung out!!! Hehehehe.... In addition, stay back and continue watching after the movie ends!!! You can watch Nicholas and Shawn does their own stunts!!! Cool stunts!!! WE ARE POLICE (Ngo Dei Hai Kheng Chat!!!), dun play play!!!

After the movie, we head out to look for food and decide to have pancakes at Paddington House of Pancakes. A bit fancy and expensive but the food is nice and outstanding. The pancakes is yummilicous!!! Check out the trailer and some camwhoring session!!!

Invisible Target Trailer

Invisible Target Promotion Copy

Gangster of paradise...

Paddington House of Pancakes...

Ais kosong and roti canai, please...

Galette? What is that?

Heaven of pancakes...

Ok!! Where the hell is my ais kosong and roti canai!!!

Yummilicous Hot Choco...

Big or not?? Dunno what pannekoek...

Tokyo Pannekoek...High recommended...

Amsterdam Pannekoek...

Three stooges... I meant sisters...

Pancakes with strawberries and ice-cream...

I'm Tai Kor Mah!!!

Hello, broooootheer!!! Watching movie, hero also die I tell you. Wei, you know ar, many people looking at me, you know. Shuddapp man!! So what!! Who dare to scold me?? Hahahhahaa....!!! I dun care lar... I, Tai Kor mahhhh!!! Fuyiooohh, damn kau terrible!!! Everytime go watch movie, sure got this blardy guy talks loudly on the phone!!! Chin Tu Lan one!!! How to watch movie peacefully??!! Hahahaha... no lar, I'm just refering to an advertisment. No worries. I think who often go watch movie sure came across this advertisment by Digi. The cinema management sure no fail to show this Digi advertistment!! Damn kau farney and hilarious.

But do guys know who is that blardy guy, tai kor ar? He is Jimmy Yoong Swee Zhen, 19 years old only nia. He became an instant celebrity with his uncouth tai kor attitude. He also as known as our new Malaysia si lai killer. Why ar? Elderly ladies and aunties rush to him for autograph whenever they spot him!! *fainted* Like that also can ar?? One word to describe, KENG!!!

In addition, the Digiman a.k.a. Yellow Coverage Fellows featured with Jimmy, the Tai Kor in the advertisment, is actually his older brother. Surprise, surprise!!! Check out it more from The Star and ENJOY the advertisment if you can get enough of it.

I, Tai Kor mah!!!!