Friday, August 31, 2007

Advice from Good Policeman - Malaysia Bulleh!!!

Booze session at Laundry...

This is what left, after that...

Last Friday night, a policeman stopped me and reminded me that Ramadan is just around the corner. I was so surprised because I did not that Hari Raya is coming till that policeman told me. He advised me that the Ramadan month is just around the corner, and asked me to drive safely!!! WTF!!!

After booze session at Laundry, Curve and sending the girls to get thier car at SkalaBebas, I cruised home along the highway doing 130km/h. BTW, it is a great outting with couples of hiccups here and there. When I spotted a policeman sitting behind the flyover pillar, it was too late. Slow down before the tol gate, I took out all my RM50 notes and left 2 RM10 notes with couples of RM1 notes. Keng mou??!! Must learn from me lor... Hehehhee...

As I expected, after the tol, I was pulled over. Below are the conversation between me and the policeman.

kkjm: Selamat malam, bang. Apa salah saya?
Polis: Encik telah melebihi had laju.
kkjm: Ya ke?
Polis: Had laju baru 80km sejam, tapi encik bawak 123km sejam.
kkjm: Bang, boleh settle tak? Saya baru balik kerja. (Start bluffing)
Polis: You nak balik mana? Settle? Nanti you main-main sama saya (I think the policeman scare I framed him for taking bribing)
kkjm: Shah Alam dekat je. Tarak main-main. Saya letih nak balik cepat ke rumah.
Polis: Ok lar...(still skeptical) You ada berapa?
kkjm: (taking out my wallet and show him) Bang, baru ada RM20++. RM 20 ok?
Polis: Errrr.. ok lar... tapi you cukup tak? (wah so caring one our policeman!!!) Nanti lapar nak makan atau nak isi minyak.
kkjm: Saya ok punya. Rumah dekat je.
Polis: Ok, duit kasi lipat. (after I folded the money, he walked over to verified my road tax before taking the cash)
Polis: Ok lar, bulan puasa sudah mau datang, banyak operasi, so you mest mau berhati-hati.
kkjm: (giving the blur look to him and cursing him WTF!!!) Ohhh... ok, saya akan. Terima kasih, bang.

Then, I quickly drove away and cursing the fucking policeman. Not sure want to salute him or fuck him upside down!!! So too all the drivers out there, take note that bulan Ramadan is coming, and police will have more roadblocks to collect thier duit raya!!! Malaysia BULLEH!!!

Happy 50th Birthday, Malaysia!!!

Happy Birthday, Malaysia!!! Happy Merdeka!!! Not sure why not so happy celebrating Merdeka these day. One of the reason is that I'm sick like a dog, staying on my bed trying to get well while others busy enjoying the Merdeka Celebration. Hahaha!!!

People have been saying that they do love Malaysia since then. But do we really love Malaysia? How do we love Malaysia? Rallying up the Mat Rempits with Malaysia flags to prove patriotism or shouting Merdeka x3 while having a sex party? Hahaha.. So do we really love this country or are we just shouting or put flags on our cars for the sake of showing nia? Geezzz, must my fever taking over me. Talking crap and nonsense.

Anyway, it has been 50 years since Malaysia Merdeka. I'm glad I'm be born here and all the multi-racial thingie here and there. And most important, no natural disaster. Hahahaha... Since I was sick, I just woke up and have my dinner. While having my dinner, I saw this advertisment from Petronas on Merdeka really caught my attention. Brilliant advertisment again by Petronas. Check the website here for thier brilliant advertisment.

Lady : Ok, who is your best friends?
Boy 1 : He is.
Boy 2 : He is
Lady : Ok, if he is your best friend. What is his race?
Boy 1 : Err.. race? What is race? You mean race car ar?
Boy 2 : Race? I forget what is race...

Happy 50th MERDEKA!!!

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Picture of The Day - Office Rumours

Sunday, August 26, 2007

What A Great Weekend!!!

What a great fucking weekend??!!! NMKCCB!! I came back from Laundry last Saturday early morning, I found out that my freaking StreamyX was down for good. Did not bother much cause I was damn tired and knock out after the booze drinking session. I woke up in late morning, and called up the TM Net customer service. As I expected, same old response, the repair can only be down after 2 working days. I called at Saturday so my internet connection expected to be up and running on this coming Tuesday!!! WHAT THE FUCK!!! Then what TM Net expect me to do during the 4 days. I felt so disabled.

I needed to login into my company system to clear some stuff, and I was unable. Decide to hangout in Taipan, USJ Subang after gym to online. I hanged out at Leo's Taipan, USJ Subang. Cool and nice place to hang out. Thanks to my buddy, Rocco, for his accompany and drinks. Congratulations on his engagement and can't wait for red bomb on coming June!!! Thanks for the talk cock session......

Hahahahahha... ok gtg.... promise HHTHJM, to be at her house by 5:45 pm and I'm late... She wanted to get some freebies from Esteer Lauder from Jusco... See ya..

Thursday, August 23, 2007

TV NBC Heroes Season Two Generations

Check the video below on the some clips on Heroes Season Two. Totally awesome and cool!!! Heroes Season Two will premiere September 24th 2007 on NBC at 9/8C with a “commercials light” Episode 1, courtesy of Nissan!!! Can't wait!!! Gosh..!!

NBC Primetime Preview - HEROES - Season Two

TV NBC Heroes Season Two Generations PREVIEW 1

TV NBC Heroes Season Two Generations PREVIEW 2

TV NBC Heroes Season Two Generations PREVIEW 3

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Warna-Warna Malaysiaku

Check out the video below by Siti Nurhaliza for Warna-Warna Malaysiaku - Satu Lambang Perpaduan latest campaign. The Colour of Malaysia - A Symbol of Unity. Keep an eye on the video during the last few second before the video ends and tell me if spot anything obscene. Geezzz... maybe just my imagination... Hahahaha... By the way, Merdeka Day is just around the corner, so means HOLIDAY!!! No work!!! Hahahah... gomen gomen, should be MERDEKA!!! MERDEKA!!! MERDEKA!!! So you guys and girls out there, any plans for that weekend??

So notice anything ar?? Hehehehe.. check out below lar, if lazy to view the video. Keng mou!!! Tabik 3 times!!! Hehehee... actually nothing one lar, only that it reminds me of something, but actually, it is not. Yeahhh.... a symbol of unity for Malaysian!!!

Joke of The Day: Being Pregnant...

Got this joke from my secret lover recently. She commented the joke was materialistic yet wanting it to be true! .... Hahahaha...!!! What do you guys think??

An eighteen-year-old piao mei, Ah Huei tells her Mom, Ah Lian that she has missed her period for two months. Very worried, Ah Lian mah goes to the drugstore and buys a pregnancy kit. The test result shows that Ah Huei is pregnant. NMKCCB!!! Shouting, cursing, crying, Ah Lian says,"Who was the blardy pig that did this to you? Tell me!! I want to know!"
Ah Huei was so scared mah picks up the phone and makes a call. "Ah kkjm, my Lin Peh want to see you, want to kheng sou!!!"

Half an hour later a Ferrari stops in front of their house. A mature and distinguished man with good looking face, impeccably dressed in a very expensive suit, steps out of the car and enters the house. He sits in the living room with Lin Peh, Ah Lian and Ah Huei, and tells them, "Good morning, Ah Huei has informed me of the problem. However, I can't marry her because of my personal family situation, but I'll take full responsibilty, "If a girl is born, I will bequeath her two retail stores, a townhouse,a beach villa and a $2,000,000 bank account. If a boy is born, my legacy will be a couple of factories and a $5,000,000 bank account. If it is twins, it will be a factory and $2,000,000 each. Okay ar?? Can kau tim or not??! Lin Peh and Ah Lian were impressed and happy.

Then suddenly, kkjm say "However, if there is a miscarriage, how ar?? What do you suggest I do?" telling Lin Peh and Ah Huei. At this point, Lin Peh, who had remained silent for awhile, places a hand firmly on kkjm's shoulder and tells him, "THEN YOU MAH TRY AGAIN & AGAIN & AGAIN TILL CAN LOORRRRRR"


Monday, August 20, 2007

Malaysia International Fireworks Competition

Last Saturday was the opening of Malaysia International Fireworks Competition 2007 in conjunction with our 50th Merdeka and Visit Malaysia 2007. It was 1st Malayisa International Fireworks Competition held at Putrajaya International Convention Centre. The magnificent view across the lake overlooked by the grand Seri Gemilang bridge will be the main focus for two weeks. From 18 August 2007 till 2 September 2007, Nations from Australia, Japan, Italy and Malaysia will be competing for the Merdeka trophy.

We gathered at SkalaBebas before headed down to Putrajaya. Once reaching Cyberjaya, the traffic volume has increased and became freaking ugly once reached Putrajaya. There is many freaking cars on the road. Before, we reach the bridge, there already cars left and right of the road parked. So we decide to follow the crowd to double parked our cars. Luckily, we reach there ngam ngam and able to see the whole fireworks which lasted for 20 minutes. The fireworks truly magnificent and amazing!!! Maybe I'm a jakun, long time no see fireworks already. The opening fireworks was by our Malaysia team. Not sure how they fared compare to others. Check out here for the other teams schedule.

A must not miss event. Check out the videos below captured using my faithful N70. A bit shakey!!! Sure lar, you all think easy to hold ar?? You guys try first!! Lai lai, enjoy the videos... Hehehehe..!!!

The journey back to PJ was terrible!!! So many fucking cars rushing to leave the area!! As expected, duhhhhh!!! We were stucked in the traffic jam about 2 hours. *fainted* Before calling it a day, we yam cha at SS2 Murni. Hehehehe...!!!

People mountain people sea...

Triple parking.. fuyioohhh!!!

People rushing to leave but cannot...

Friday, August 17, 2007

300 The Movie Unseen and Special Version

A movie as stunning as historical poem!!!

The expression of strength and beauty!!!

300 warriors – The counter-attack of Sparta !!!

An ambassador on his way to Sparta, a bloody fight will begin...

This is too crazy !!!


This is Sparta!!!

This is also Sparta!!!

This still is Sparta!!!

No matter what, this is also Sparta!!!

You crazy bloke!!!


This is SPARTA!!!

Even King himself has to refer to the God...

Please guide us!!! God of the Sun!!!

You siao ar!!! NMKCCB!! Now is night time you call me out!!! Get out lah!!!

Damn that stupid sun!!!
So, the King leads his strongest army and departed...

They met their ally on the way... Yo!!!

This is all you got??!!


You!!! What do you do?

I am a hero of justice... Spiderman...

What about you?

I am Harry Potter...

And you?

I am the pride of Saiya!!! Hame hame ha!!!

Ha, a bunch of small characters!!

Brothers!!! Tell them what we do!!!

Andy Lau: I just wanna be a good man( Andy Lau’s song title)

This is Sparta!!!

And they reached the dark tower, the Great War began...

Let them know!!!

What is Sparta!!!

I just wanna say, what is this got to do with me!!!


Imperial march music at background...

Surrender, Spartan!!!

Uh? What is this? Aaaahhhh!!!


Actually... I’m your father!!!


I want revenge!!!

This is Sparta!!!

The Spartan army is unstoppable... Finally they come to face the Dark Lord, himself...

Never thought it was you...

Sponge Bob!!!

I lost...

My time has come!!!

Heh!! You are too dumb...

A!! My heart!? You!?

That’s right, this is Sparta!!

Hence the Spartan King live happily ever after