Thursday, March 27, 2008

Bittersweet Hunting to Historical City...

Yeeeeeeaaaaaaah, another hectic weekend just went passed by. Another 2 more busy weekend need to go thru. Guess what!!! Champion always stay as champion!!! Wakakaka!!! Reach flag-off point around 6.40 am after fetching Kak S from her house. Meet up with the rest of my teammates and the others hunters. After a short briefing and talk cock session with the hunters, off we go, on the way hunting and traveling to Malacca. We started slow as we hunted the treasure items first before we continue with our questions. By the time we hunting around SS2, PJ, we manage to catch up to rest of the hunters.

Long story short, we cruised by every question with ease as we had VK with us, a master in treasure hunting till Malacca. Reached at Equatorial Hotel at 12.45pm, abit too early, coz the check-in counter still not yet opened. The hunt started 7:30 am and estimate to end at 2:30pm, 7 hours period, but my team finished it within 5 hours!!! We are damn good!!! Wakakaka!!! After hand in our answers and treasure items, we headed out to scavenge for lunch. Damn fucking hungry!!! Decided to had lunch at Newton Foodcourt nearby Mahkota Parade and Dataran Pahlawan Mall. I had Fried Kuey Teow and HK style Cheong Fun!!! Damn hungry, no choice!!! Went back to hotel, got the key to our rooms and rested before we jalan-jalan makan around Malacca town. VK bought us to get some pineapple tarts while I show them where to have the best Melaka Cendol!!! Damn kau sweet gula melaka with thick coconut milk!!! Yummilicous!!! We stopped at Tan Kim Hock before went back to hotel.

Met up with Handsome Guy at the lobby and decide to yam cha nearby. Since my second wife is tagging along and been a good hubby, decide to drive them around Malacca town before yam cha. Somemore it was drizzling outside. Before anything happen, I got fucked in the ass by fat policeman, flagging me to stop. I was DUMBFUCKED!!! I already knew what I in for!!! No fucking wear my safety belt!!! Damn it!!! It has been ages I did not wear my safety belt while driving around KL and I got screwed for not wearing my safety belt at Malacca. Talking about BAD FUCKING LUCK!!! Thank god, lady luck was smiling at me, my wallet left RM2 when I showed it the cop. I think he also DUMBFUCK by me been so fucking poor!!! Hahahaha!!! Actually, me alway poor one... what to do... Hahahahhaa!!! Actually, got another RM100 secretly kept away!!! So fuck the cop. After sweet talk him to take RM20, I quickly run back to the car and get my wife to borrow me first. Once everything settle, I managed to pat the cop!!! Why??? Mahai, the cop now can have is teh-tarik worth RM 20 courtesy of KKJM ler and I glad he took it but in my heart, I was freaking swearing him to burn in hell!!! Wakakakaka!!!

Ok back to sightseeing in Malacca, took them around Bkt China ,back to the town and headed to Wing Cafe. Luckily after 7 years, the cafe still around. Wakakaka!!!! Then go back, took bath and went for the dinner and prize giving ceremony. The event was lame but food was quite nice. After retaining the championship and got our prizes, we headed out to Jonker Walk. Since I masak with Malacca town, that night I became the unofficial tour guide for 3 teams. Hahahaha!!! We had another around of Melaka cendol and walk walk around Jonker Street before went back to hotel. Got myself and her something at the Jonker. By the end of the day, I was darn tired, could not even focus while watching the EPL.

Then woke up, had breakfast, talk cock with some hunters and decide to check out. Firstly, send Kak S to her MIL's house before we went over to Malacca Zoo. I love going to zoo, that why I tagged along and since I was the default driver!!! FUCK!!! Hahahaha!!! Same old Malacca Zoo. But I was excited and surprised as some part of the zoo are new to me since I came here last 5 years. Love the safari walk but I think they need to have more animals to roam around!!! Nearly broke my legs as we spend around 2 hours walking around the zoo before we rush back to Kak S's MIL house for quick lunch. Love the umbut kelapa and the ikan masin!!! Wakakaka!!! Her MIL was a wonderful and easy going lady!!! Nice talking to her!!! Thanks for the lunch!!!

After filling up our stomach, we zoomed back to KL with sweet memories of this hunt and while we defending our championship!!! Better luck next time to others!!! Wakakaka!!! Hope next year there will be another hunt and the prizes will be better and to die for!!! Good night... need to prepare for Ching Ming lor... up up and away to the north this weekend!!!!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Carla Bruni's NUDE photo will go under the hammer

Mamamia!!! Yummilicous!!! A nude portrait of French President Nicolas Sarkozy's wife Carla Bruni is seen here in this undated handout photo from Christie's auction house. A nude portrait of French President Nicolas Sarkozy's wife Carla Bruni will go under the hammer in New York next month, according to auctioneers Christie's. It was taken in 1993, when Bruni was one of the world's top fashion models. It is expected to fetch $3,000 to $4,000 when it is sold in New York on April 10, according to the Christie's web site.

Alicia Keys - Like You'll Never See Me Again

It has been ages I posted a song here. Check out another great and mellow song by Alicia Keys - Like You'll Never See Me Again. Try listen and understand to its lyric, it is somehow beautiful and meaningful. Just touches your heart...

Artist: Alicia Keys
Song: Like You'll Never See Me Again

If I had no more time
No more time left to be here
Would you cherish what we had?
Was it everything that you were looking for?
If I couldn't feel your touch
And no longer were you with me
I'd be wishing you were here
To be everything that I'd be looking for
I don't wanna forget the present is a gift
And I don't wanna take for granted the time you may have here with me
'Cause Lord only knows another day is not really guaranteed

So every time you hold me
Hold me like this is the last time
Every time you kiss me
Kiss me like you'll never see me again
Every time you touch me
Touch me like this is the last time
Promise that you'll love me
Love me like you'll never see me again

Oh Oh Oh

How many really know what love is?
Millions never will
Do you know until you lose it
That it's everything that we are looking for
When I wake up in the morning
You're beside me
I'm so thankful that I found
Everything that I been looking for

I don't wanna forget the present is a gift
And I don't wanna take for granted the time you may have here with me
'Cause Lord only knows another day is not really guaranteed

So everytime you hold me
Hold me like this is the last time
Every time you kiss me
Kiss me like you'll never see me again
(can you do that for me baby)
Every time you touch me
(see we don't really know)
Touch me like this is the last time
(see everyday we never know)
Promise that you'll love me
(I want you to promise me)
Love me like you'll never see me again
(like you'll never see me again)

Oh oh oh oh oh

Tuesday, March 25, 2008


With its magical ability to make mountains out of molehills, it is the secret weapon in many women's lingerie drawer.

No wonder the push-up bra has been hailed as the greatest-ever fashion invention.

Push up bra sales were boosted by Eva Herzigova's Wonderbra ad

It beat boot-cut jeans to the title in a poll of 3,000 women.

Pull-in pants, which allow the wearer to hide a wobbly stomach, came third followed by stilettos.

Film director Howard Hughes designed a type of push-up bra for Jane Russell to wear in his 1943 film The Outlaw, although Russell later claimed she never wore it.

The little black dress, worn by Audrey Hepburn, mini skirt worn by Twiggy, Sarah Jessica Parker in stilettos and Bridget Jones known for her pull-in pants

In Canada in the 1960s, the Wonderbra was developed and it enjoyed moderate success around the world. But it was not until the early 1990s, when it was marketed with a picture of Eva Herzigova and the words "Hello Boys", that sales started to soar.

Caroline Adams for Debenhams, which polled its customers on their fashion favourites, said: "Push-up bras have become a wardrobe weapon for millions of women across the world.

"It not only makes women feel incredibly sexy but it creates the ultimate cleavage.

"I'm not surprised to see it in the top spot; push-up bras have revolutionised women's lingerie and remain a best-seller instore.

"It's good to see boot-cut jeans and stilettos in the top five fashion inventions - both items are classic wardrobe items and will never go out of fashion."

The push-up bra scooped almost 20 per cent of the vote in the poll.

Boot-cut jeans, which fit perfectly over the footwear and flatter any shape of figure, became trendy in the 1990s.

Sexy stilettos were voted in at number four while the classic little black dress came fifth.

The outfit every girl should have in her wardrobe was shown to perfection by Audrey Hepburn playing the New York socialite Holly Golightly in the 1961 film, Breakfast At Tiffany's.

Hipster jeans came sixth, followed by the mini skirt, strapless bra and support tights.

Other fashion items to feature in the top 20 include stockings at 11 and the G-string at number 12. The bra-boosters known as chicken fillets also made it into the top 20, in 15th place.

Caroline Adams added: "Fashion items that can help create the perfect silhouette have become must-have items for women and there is no shame in faking the body beautiful."

Friday, March 21, 2008

Polar bear cub enjoys life without mum

Good morning to a blessed Friday. Thank god it is a Friday!!! Flocke is so damn cute!!! Check out pictures of polar bear cub Flocke (Snowflake) at the zoo in Nuremberg. Flocke was separated from her mother Vera after officials at the Nuremberg zoo became concerned she might harm the cub. It makes my Friday another good Friday!!!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Adriana Lima Nude For GQ Magazine

SO, YOU WANNA DATE A SUPERMODEL? I know I REALLY FUCKING DESPERATE WANT!!!! Wakakaka!!! Adriana Lima tells GQ exactly what it takes. Check out Adriana Lima nude in a sexy behind-the-scenes video and more photos in the new issue of GQ Magazine.

A sexy behind-the-scenes look at GQ's "Love, Sex & Madness" issue cover star.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Why Rafidah Aziz Cried??!!!

Malaysian Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi ousted Trade and Industry Minister Rafidah Aziz and thinned his cabinet in an attempt to woo back voters after the ruling coalition's worst ever election showing.

Muhyiddin Yassin, former agriculture minister, replaces Rafidah, a cabinet member since 1977, Abdullah, 68, said today at his office in Putrajaya, outside Kuala Lumpur. He retained Najib Razak as deputy premier and defense minister.

Abdullah, facing demands to step down from party members including former Premier Mahathir Mohamad, is bringing in fresh blood to rebuild his National Front coalition and win back investor confidence. While the reshuffle may muffle some critics, Abdullah reiterated today he has his party's support and pledged to continue development projects started in his first term.

"People asked for change, they're getting some,'' said Jason Lee, who helps oversee $1.4 billion at JMF Asset Management in Kuala Lumpur. "There are some fresh faces. It's not revolutionary.''

Abdullah slashed the cabinet to 68 members from 90, including deputy ministers, to shrink a team seen by some analysts as bloated and unmanageable. More than half of the lineup are new faces, the prime minister told reporters.

The new cabinet may still need to focus on courting the ethnic minorities that swung to the opposition on March 8, and show it's serious about tackling graft, some analysts said.

"The ruling party needs to go back to basics and get back in touch with the grassroots,'' said Mary Magdaline Pereira, associate professor of policy studies at the University Teknologi Mara in Selangor, Malaysia. "One of the first things people will look for is whether the cabinet is clean and credible.''

Abdullah retained the post of finance minister, and reappointed Nor Mohamed Yakcop as second finance minister. The premier also merged the Home and Internal Security ministries, leaving the combined portfolio to Syed Hamid Albar, who previously ran the foreign ministry. Abdullah was formerly also internal security minister.

Abdullah also made Shahrizat Abdul Jalil a minister-level advisor for women and social development, the prime minister's office said in a faxed statement. Shahrizat, who had lost her parliamentary seat in this month's election, was the Minister of Women, Family and Community Development in his previous Cabinet.

Abdullah is surrounding himself with a more loyal team as he fends off demands to quit, some analysts said. His approval rating has slumped since a 2004 landslide election victory, and he has said ministries haven't rolled out policies fast enough.

"Most of the new faces are strong supporters of Abdullah, so he can have full confidence in his cabinet,'' said Mohamed Mustafa Ishak, professor of politics at Universiti Utara Malaysia. "He has most of his men in the cabinet now.''


Banker Joins

An opposition coalition led by former Deputy Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim won five of 12 contested states on March 8 and ended the two-thirds parliamentary majority held by the National Front since 1974. The stock market plunged nearly 10 percent following the vote.

Abdullah named Amirsham Aziz, outgoing chief executive officer of Malayan Banking Bhd., the nation's largest lender, as head of the Economic Planning Unit, a government division that devises development projects and assesses their effectiveness.

Ethnic Chinese and Indians, who comprise a third of Malaysia's 27 million population, abandoned Abdullah's coalition for the three-party opposition. Anwar said minority rights were being eroded under Abdullah and marginalized Malays weren't benefiting from a policy designed to make them richer.

Samy's Replacement

Mohd Zin Mohamed today replaced former Works Minister Samy Vellu, the leader of Malaysia's largest ethnic Indian party. Samy has been criticized for not doing enough to protect ethnic Indian rights, and lost the parliamentary seat he held for more than three decades.

Malaysia's race-based program, known as the New Economic Policy, gives ethnic Malays special rights to housing, education, and government contracts.

Samy, head of the Malaysian Indian Congress, and Information Minister Zainuddin Maidin, along with six deputy ministers lost their parliamentary seats March 8.

Rafidah has been International Trade and Industry Minister from 1987, and was responsible for starting free trade talks with the United States, Japan and Pakistan. She remains a member of parliament after winning her seat in the March 8 elections.

She oversaw a 37-year-old program that allocated car import permits to help ethnic Malay businessmen enter the industry. Former Prime Minister Mahathir was among those who have said the program wasn't transparent.

Mustapa Mohamed, Malaysia's second finance minister from 1998 to 1999, replaces Muhyiddin as agriculture minister. Rais Yatim, formerly the culture, arts and heritage minister, becomes the new foreign minister. Rais was part of a ruling party faction that challenged Mahathir's leadership in the 1980s.