Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Ninja Boot Camp Day 2

Today's time moved rather fast. Not sure why. Felt hyped maybe I getting used to my Kyuubi chakra sipping into my body and healing me. As usual, we had some chakra training. In addition, did some kunai throwing practice and cleaned the Hokage monument. Went dinner with Shikamaru and Kiba. Had fun chatting with them. Still did not got my jounin vest yet. Not sure when.

Guess what!!! Had a nearly brush with death. Pain, the Akatsuki suddenly appeared out of nowhere. Managed to fool him with my Harem no Jutsu!!! What a relieve!!! Quickly, make my way out!!! Knowing I still no match for Pain!!! Training!!! Training!!! And more training!!! Maybe I need to start learning Taju Kage Bunshin no Jutsu!!!!

Mee mamak at nearby Konoha Hypermarket...

Mee Rebus at an underground cafe...

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Ninja Boot Camp Day 1

Just woke up from my sleepless night. Not sure why. My body was damn tired and sore after the training. It must be the chakra running wildly in my body and healing it. Another day at Konoha. It was the 1st day there. I was introduced by a jounin from administration office to my sensei and teammates. It was much to learn on the first day. First lesson was to learn to focus the chakra on my feet and stand on the water for 10 hours. Halfway thru the day, took my opportunity to learn my best jutsu, Kage Bunshin No Jutsu. Ero-sennin was not around to train me. The whole training was tough and tiring but fun meeting and knowing my new found friends.

Check out my ride to to Konoha, the land of Hidden Leaf Village...

Nasi Lemak Nyonya Ayam Rendang, lunch served at the canteen in Konoha... No ramen... maybe tomorrow...

Dinner time, this time is Thai Laksa... must be a cultural food from neighboring village...

This lady... quite dandy one... Meet her during my lunch time and coincidentally over my dinner time also... FATE maybe?? Should I make the 1st move? Movie maybe??

Cute Penguin greets me every time in front of my class...

Geezzz, I have not get my jounin vest like Kakashi or Shikamaru... maybe today??? Mine is in red color... Don't ask why?? Not sure myself... fashion makeover??? Wakakaka...

Monday, December 29, 2008

Grow, Grow and Grow During this Recession...

LOL!!! My beard is growing wild... No money to shave it since economy recession... what a bummer... BTW, welcome to year 2009... Hahahaha... just curious how it look after new year...

One Word Can Change EVERYTHING!!!

Ok, I know I have not been updating my blog lately. And someone already fucking complaining about it!!! Crap!!! So I'm back again and I will away for a week. *frowning* Hopefully, I find time... Time is gold!!!

Anyway, today was a freaking lazy. I mean really really lazy day... I didn't even wake up from my bed till 12pm even though I woke up at 8 something... Wakakaka.. PIG!!! YES, THAT IS ME!!! CM suggested to watch movie and she already been pestering on watching movie since the last weekend!!! I jumped out my bed, check the time for the movie I wanted to watch and took my car key to fetch the distress damsel out of her misery!!! YES MAN HERE I COME!!! Wakakaka... thank god we make it on the time. Terrific movie!!! YES!!! YES!!! YES!!! It was fun and entertaining. BTW, I totally love Jim Carrey!!!

Jim Carrey stars as Carl Allen, a man who signs up for a self-help program based on one simple principle: say yes to everything...and anything. At first, unleashing the power of yes transforms Carls life in amazing and unexpected ways, but he soon discovers that opening up his life to endless possibilities can have its drawbacks.

Check out the scenes from the movie below...

The Red Bull scenes...

The Jumper scenes - An exclusive clip from Yes Man where Jim Carrey's character tries to talk down a man about to commit suicide. Its my favorite scene from the film. YES, LOVE THIS PART... My favorite!!!

p/s: Not sure whether it just me only, but watching that movie just like looking at myself!!! kkjm the YES MAN??? Wakakakaka...

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Thundercats Movie Trailer ??? Really??

Are any of you geezers who grew up in the 80’s itching for a live action Thundercats movie? How about one with Brad Pitt in the lead as Lion-O and co-starring Hugh Jackman and Vin Diesel? Well, it’s never going to happen, but some poor soul with a few video effect tricks up his sleeves actually took the time to make a fake Thundercats trailer starring said actors. So, if you guys wants to crack up in amazement for about two and a half minutes, check it out. Be amazed, I mean really been amazed and have a good laugh!!! Merry X'mas...!!!

Monday, December 22, 2008

Increase Your Likeability Factor

To be heard you have to make people like you. You need to create chemistry with your staff as a manager, with your team as a project leader, with your boss, with your customer, with your strategic partners. People believe people they like. That’s not a news bulletin. Great communicators develop the “likeability factor”—your personality and the “chemistry” you create between yourself and others.

Just as many roads lead to success in the workplace, many different personalities attract followers. But the following traits seem universally to attract people and open their minds and hearts.

Be Vulnerable, Show Your Humanity

In speaker training 101, people learn to tell failure stories before success stories. Generally, audiences have more in common with those who struggle than those who succeed in life. If you worry about whether your teen will graduate from high school without getting involved with the wrong group, say so. If your father-in-law drove you nuts during the holiday weekend, it’s okay to mention to your colleagues on Monday morning that you might not have been the storybook spouse. If you lose a customer, regret it rather than excuse it. If you miss a deadline, repair the damage and catch up.

People respond to humans much more favorably than machines. When you communicate with colleagues, never fear to let them see your humanity.

Be Courteous—Remember to Kick the Copier

Day in and day out, it’s the small things that kill our spirit: The sales rep who empties his cold coffee and leaves the splatters all over the sink. The manager who uses the last drop of lotion and doesn’t refill the container. The analyst who walks away from the printer, leaving the red light flashing “paper jam.” The boss who walks into the reserved conference room in the middle of a meeting and bumps everybody out for an “urgent” strategic planning meeting. The person who cuts in line at the cafeteria cash register. The guy who answers his cell phone and tries to carry on a conversation out loud in the middle of a meeting.

As a result, even the smallest courtesies kindle a fire that ignites chemistry and builds kinship. The courtesy of saying “hello” when you come into the office after being away. The courtesy of letting people know when you’re going to be away for an extended period. The courtesy of honoring policies about reserving rooms, spaces, and equipment for activities. The courtesy of a simple “please”, “thank you”, and “you’re welcome” for small favors.

Share a Sense of Humor

No matter whether people agree or disagree with George W. Bush’s political positions they typically admire his self-deprecating humor. At one of the Washington correspondent’s dinners, that ability to poke fun at himself seemed to be the primary thing the media responded to favorably. Bush said at the lectern, “I always enjoy these events. But why couldn’t I have dinner with the 36 percent of the people who like me?” At one such event, Bush even brought along his “double” comedian Steve Bridges, to make fun of his frequent mispronunciations. The double modeled for him one of his most difficult words to pronounce correctly, “Nu—cle—ar proliferation … nu—cle—ar proliferation. Nu—cle—ar proliferation.” Then Bush tried it, “Nu-cle—ar pro-boblieration.” The crowd went wild.

Self-deprecating humor can open hearts and minds to make people receptive to ideas in ways words alone cannot.

Show Humility

Power can be seductive. Praise pushes people’s buttons, elevating peer pressure to feel important. And just as suddenly as lightning strikes, an act of arrogance can destroy an otherwise credible communicator. For example: Refusing to acknowledge people when they speak to you. Failure to respond to people’s suggestions. Haughty body language. Time spent only with those of your “rank and ilk” at a social gathering. An amused smirk in response to an idea expressed in a meeting. An upward roll of the eyes meant to discredit someone’s comment in the hallway. A talk jam-packed with jargon meant to confuse rather than clarify. Insistence that things must be said one way and one way only.

Credible communicators show humility in innumerable ways:

  • They let others “showcase” by delivering key messages instead of always having to be “on stage” themselves
  • They let others feel important by “interpreting,” “passing on,” and “applying” their goals and initiatives.
  • They get input from others—and consider that input worthy of a response. (They don’t ask for input “just for drill” if they don’t plan to consider it.)
  • They excite others by asking for their help, cooperation and buy-in
  • They share the limelight by telling stories about star performers
  • They share leadership roles by telling success stories of other leaders
  • They communicate awareness and appreciation of the efforts and results of other people
Certainly, credibility involves a balancing act between establishing a noteworthy track record and fading away into the furniture. People do want to know that you know what you’re talking about. But arrogance antagonizes them. Expertise tinged with a touch of humility goes down far better.

Your look, language, and likeable personality will have a huge impact on whether people accept what you say. If your message isn’t sinking in … if you’re not getting the action you want … maybe you should take it, well … personally.

Written originally for w2wlink by Dianna Booher

Heineken, Anyone???

Reach home yesterday from Midvalley and saw this silver envelope. Guess what it is from Heineken. Inside there is a a Heineken Card Member. Yeah of course I love Heineken. If not, I would not be a member. With this card, I can have access to the latesst perks at hotspots in the town. From 15 Dec 2008 till 31 Jan 2009, Zouk, Winter Bar - Quattro, 7actenine, Laundry Bar and Bamboo9 have special privilieges for Heineken lovers. So Heineken for this coming Christmas and New Year? Anyone? Let's yam seng till we drop!!!

Sunday, December 21, 2008


GM and Chrysler get US$17.4 billion bailout

They’ve done it, the Detroit boys have managed to secure federal emergency loans to execute their plans to stay afloat. Initially their request for money was rejected by the US Senate, but the Bush administration has decided to take money from the US$700 billion that was allocated to bail out their failed banks.

The amount to be given to GM and Chrysler (Ford doesn’t need the money apparently as they build cars that people actually want to buy, thanks to their extensive European involvement) totals up to US$17.4 billion. US$4 billion will go to Chrysler this month and GM will get the same this month, with the remaining US$5.4 billion set to fall into their hands next year pending the release of the other half of the US$700 billion by the congress.

George Bush says the bailout was because he and the American people did not want the indigenoous auto companies to fail, and he also did no want to hand over the administration over to Barack Obama next year with the auto industry in shambles.

The two companies have until March 31st 2009 to become “financially viable”, otherwise the loan will be recalled and all funds are to be returned to the U.S. Treasury. In this case, financially viable is defined to be “having a positive net value, taking into account all current and future costs, and can fully repay the loan.”

Other terms and conditions include: firms must provide warrants for non-voting stock, firms must accept limits on executive pay and eliminate perks such as corporate jets, debt owned to the government would be placed at higher priority than other debts to the extent permitted by law, firms must allow the government to examine their accounting books and records, firms must report any transaction greater than US$100 million and the government has the power to block any of these transactions greater than US$100 million, firms must comply with Federal fuel efficiency and emissions requirements, and firms must not issue new dividends while in debt with the government.

Ford, the healther of the Detroit 3, is still asking for a US$9 billion government line of credit in case conditions worsen or one of the other Detroit 3 fails. But they do not need any money immediately at the moment, unlike as claimed by GM and Chrysler.

Canada has also extended help to the Canadian arms of GM and Chrysler. The Canadian government will provide C$2.7 billion while the Ontario state government will top up another C$1.3 billion for a total of C$4 billion. Of this total, C$3 billion will go to GM while C$1 billion will go to Chrysler. Canadian production capacity represents 20% of total North American auto production capacity, but this aid amount only represents 16% of all total aid offered by North American governments.

So far the response from the industry have been mixed, but the positive ones so far are only coming from pro-Detroit government officials and GM dealers and other industry-related people who stand to benefit from the loan. Standard and Poor equity analyst Efraim Levy expects GM to quickly blow the billions they are getting and then request another multi-billion dollar loan on March 31st 2009. Jerry Webman, chief economist at Oppenheimer Funds said this bail-out is much like the government infusing the blood in on arm while it’s bleeding out the other arm in attempt to keep them alive.



Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Top 10 Reasons Why Women Cheat

10. The relationship isn't THAT serious. In the beginning, you may find yourself in a brand new relationship, you're just dating but you really like the guy but you aren't quite sure if you want to be exclusive, men, you better not take too long to figure it out and seal the deal. While you're out there dating or talking to a couple of other girls to make sure she's the right one for you, she could be doing the same thing! Unfortunately for you, women get hit on almost everyday, it could just be for sex or whatever the circumstance, but we get attention out there no matter what we look like-there is always someone who is willing to get in our pants. Fortunately, we have been turning men down since the beginning of time, so unlike you, the predator, we are the type of prey that can say NO and walk away. When you think you are not quite ready to settle down as you go from one woman to the next, you are really wasting time on the girls you don't really like instead of investing time in the one you really want. If you don't seal the deal while she's really into you, you just might blow it, and she knows it!

9. They are bored in the relationship. When women get bored with their man they may seek comfort in the arms of a stranger or an old familiar flame. They get bored when the sparks no longer fly, they are stuck in a routine at home or in the relationship, and if their man isn't paying attention to them or they aren't having anymore fun together. Women need romance, dancing, dinners, spontaneous getaways, anything that will keep them guessing and make them feel special. The longer you leave gaps in between the romance, some other guy may be fillin gin for you. When the man she loves is spending too much time and attention on himself or his other interests, it is a complete turn-off for women because we want to be the center of his world, and when we aren't, we know that someone else will place us on a peddle stool. You've seen the chick flicks guys, how much more do we need to spell it out for you?!

8. They aren't getting what they want out of the relationship. Most women want a place to call home, especially a house, they want a marriage or some type of commitment, and eventually, they want to start a family. If they have been in a long term relationship and nothing seems to be materializing from it, they will consider straying if they haven't already. Women need to know their place in your life, we want to know that you are in it to give them that happily ever after, and if you don't step it up, then you need to proceed with caution. It isn't about sex, it's about being with a man that is ready to GROW UP and take the relationship to the next level. No matter what we say, we need the ring, the piece of paper, the contract, the whole sha-bang! We don't want to be your baby mama, but if that's what it takes to get you to commit, then some women will take that route and make you miserable for the rest of your life, all because... you didn't give her want she wants or needs in the relationship. Remember guys, there will always be someone else out there that will promise her the world if you aren't already giving it to her.

7. When he has too much baggage. Psycho ex girlfriends, baby mama drama, ex-wives with too much control, a meddling mother, over-protective siblings, bratty kids and friends that don't know when to go home, will take their toll on a woman. There is nothing more unattractive then a man that has too much baggage. Women will begin to take a look at their options out there no matter how nice or great of a guy her man is. A man can spoil her rotten, treat her with love and respect, but if his mama always has something to say, if his parents drop by unannounced, or are rude when her man isn't around, she will begin to resent the number one woman in your life, her arch-enemy... Yo' MAMA! If your ex, baby mama, or ex-wife causes too many problems in your relationship, you better do whatever you can to keep her because that is some bull-stuff that she will only take for so long. What's worse is if you can't control your own kids, that is also a major turn off because she wants you to be the MAN, not the doormat! When your friends come over too much or stay too long, you're not doing couples activities and you're all just sitting around playing video games, that will make you all look like a high school boy instead of the man she knows you can be. If you seem to be fighting about other people in your lives, that is definitely a red flag that she is not happy, so schedule time with your friends or family and let her go do whatever she likes to do then meet up latter. Whatever you do, don't keep repeating the same thing over and over when she tells you she doesn't like something (or someone) take care of the problem like a man, don't keep irritating her. When you really love someone, you will make the simple effort to make little changes for the benefit of the relationship; its all about compromise. If a man has too much baggage, there will be a drama free man out there just waiting for a chance to be with her, especially if she isn't carrying much baggage of her own.

6. They won't leave something for nothing. When you're just not getting along and you seem to be fighting a lot, fellas beware! Most women won't have a clean break because we need to "get under someone new, to get over someone old." That's right, this is something even our mothers and grandmothers know now days! That is why we always tend to have a "rebound guy," you know, the guy after the serious long-term relationship, before the string of one night stands and mini-relationships that will eventually lead to the new and improved relationship with someone better then you. Don't be mistaken, women are a lot more slick then we have been given credit for, and you won't even see it coming. By the time you're ready to "work things out" she may be on to bigger and better things, so if you know you love her and want to be with her, you better fix the problems before you get replaced. We think about our feelings and emotions a lot before we stray or start looking for the rebound guy, by the time we act on it, we have made up our minds and moved on. All you need to know is that the plan was well thought out before it was executed.

5. Ok, sometimes it is about the SEX. If a girl is having trouble climaxing, no matter how great of a guy you are, or if you have a mortgage, lease or kids together, she just might stray, depending on how bad it is and how much she really loves you. You could be rich, offer her everything under the sun, but if you can't deliver the kind of lovin' she needs, you're headed for trouble, because there is an easy remedy to cure that little problem. You will find that more and more women will have a Cha-cha, a guy they can call on whenever, wherever, to take care of their sexual appetite. Unlike a booty call, a Cha-cha knows you're in a relationship, he might be in one too, but he is readily awaiting her number appearing on the Caller ID of his cell phone. He is the guy that will give her presents AND orgasms, but he never calls her, she calls him. Men have their "old reliables" that they call when they are having a dry spell, women do too, but the Cha-cha is a special man that takes care of her wants and needs in different ways then a booty call and an old reliable. He is also there when you aren't acting right, he will console her after a fight, even if she doesn't mention a word about it, and he is there if she hasn't lined him up already, if you are having any of the issues from 6-10 in addition to the bad sex. Women have sexual and emotional needs that require your attention and if you aren't giving it to them, someone else will without a doubt!

4. When things start to go sour. Let's face it, women need a lot of attention, we have feelings and emotions that run deeper then any of the seven seas in the whole wide world. If you forget her birthday, an anniversary, or any other special day or if you skimp out on the other important days like Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Christmas, New Years Eve or WHATEVER, she will feel unappreciated and that is a major red-light danger zone! If you are so caught up and busy doing whatever it is that you do, even if you are working a lot to pay bills and what not, at the very least... you better remember the days that count! The rule of thumb here is that you need to show your appreciation to her, show her how special she is and how much she means to you. Say thank you in little ways, because every woman will tell you, "it's the little things that count." The reason the little things count is because they all add up to one big thing, whether or not you appreciate her enough. If she baby's you when you're sick, packs your lunches, makes you dinner every night, if she cuts your hair, or makes you feel special by throwing you a surprise party, or gets you little thoughtful gifts here and there, no matter what the occasion, she is doing her best to make you feel special, loved and appreciated. We will never say it out loud, but we're expecting you to do it for us too. Picking up some flowers "just because" is a great way to show her, taking her out for a romantic dinner will also do the trick, getting her a card to say you're sorry, or giving her a little something because you love her, will always work wonders. If not, there is always some guy out there that will give her the works and charm those panties off by sweeping her off her feet.

3. If the relationship gets physical, in a bad way. Don't think that you could ever completely control a woman. If you try to use scare tactics, if you hit her, beat her up, or threaten her, she can and will stray at some point, it is just a matter of when. If you are verbally or emotionally abusive, we may play the victim card but every woman can be pushed to her breaking point until enough is enough. There are way more nice guys then evil ones out there and if you didn't know this already, we have been trained to await our night in shining armor, thanks to Disney. You can beat us to the ground and we will pick ourselves up because even though we love you and you hurt us in anyway, there is always another guy waiting to save that damsel in distress. We all know how much women talk, we talk about everyone and everything, so if she's with friends or at work spilling her guts out to someone else, anywhere else, the other women will be more then willing to set her up with someone great that they know, and most guys would love to play the part of the hero.

2. When she doesn't come first in your life. If you put other people before her then she will eventually stray and find herself in bed with a guy that will put her first. A woman has to feel like she is your number one priority outside of your real responsibilities like work or school, since women can be considered your partner, she needs to be treated as such, and more. When you're spending more time or money on your Mom, or anyone else other then her, you will have some problems. If you spend too much time at work and not enough time on her, there will be a big fight around the corner. I know it sounds selfish, but that is just the way we are. Think about it, when a man has a little girl, he is over protective of her, he spoils her, and she is his princess forever. When Dad is around, she is on her best behavior because she knows that if she plays her cards right, she can get whatever she wants from him... Mom on the other hand, is different. Mothers and daughters have a different relationship, they teach us all the domestic knowledge we need to be a wife and mother, cooking, cleaning, taking care of kids, etc. Usually, the father will discipline, the kids, but he is always easier on his little girl then on his boys. There are Daddy's girls, and Mama's boys, there is a method to that madness. You see, mothers make it difficult for any woman to measure up because most guys want a girl kind of like his mom, in a way, and women want a strong, providing, generous man, like her daddy. Women just want a guy to make her feel like a princess, so if you've got other things on that peddle stool, you better make room for her because if she isn't your number one, she will belong to someone else in no time. It's not just about people either, it is also habits and addicitions, like drugs or video games, if you spend more time on the Playstation III or getting high, she will find a more mature man that will place that crown on her head and slip on that glass slipper.

1. Whatever you can do, we can do it better. If you have cheated on us and we take you back, you better be on your toes every minute of every day! Don't think you are in the clear just because she forgave you, you better watch how she interacts with your brother, your cousins, your best friends, co- workers, and anyone with a penis. She will go for the jugular fellas, and I am not playing! If you break her heart and she gives you a second chance, she is probably going to start plotting the biggest, heart-breaking performance of her life. Just when you think it's all water under the bridge, you will find your heart ripped out, stomped on and spit on, under that bridge. Every woman handles it differently, she will either go for someone close to you, or she will slowly but surely, be with someone else behind your back, whether you find out about it or not is up to her. She may take you back, all the while knowing that she has slept with someone else, because in the back of her mind, "what you don't know won't hurt." Trust me fellas, she will smile in your face and act like everything is normal, but behind that grin lies the remnants of a broken heart plotting away vengeance. You see, it is so much easier for a woman to cheat, all we have to do is say "yes". Men love the thrill of the chase, they are natural predators, and once they have a piece of the pie, they are done with it because the thrill of the chase is over. If they get caught it's because they weren't doing it right, they got sloppy, and weren't paying attention. Women on the other hand, are very detail oriented, if she gets caught, she probably wanted to. Women will sleep with a guy even if he has a significant other, we are competitive that way. If the girl you cheated on knew about your woman, she was in it for the competition, you really mean nothing to her; sorry guys. Women always think they are better then other women, even sisters are rivals, but you are the fool that gets caught in the middle. If you don't end up with one of the two, you will end up alone, because a woman doesn't really want the guy that cheats on his chick with her because he will probably do it to her too. The woman who got cheated on will either take you back and get you back to even the score, or she will not have anything to do with you. It's all a game, and most of the time... it's the men that play the fools.

I know this all sounds horrible, and you probably think that women aren't like that, but if you really believe that then you are naive. Women are not nice when you hurt them or don't treat them the way they deserve to be treated. They will strike when you least expect it, she will hurt you in away you never thought possible, and if she did it all because of some thing you did or failed to do, she will do it without a single regret. A woman scorned will do the impossible and the unbelievable; you will not be prepared for the atomic bomb she will drop on you. It could be days, weeks, months, years, but she knows she is in control and she will take her time to get you back. Let's go back to the beginning, remember how Eve convinced Adam to eat that apple? Well, that's the kind of power we have over men. Don't think for a moment, that you are special, men are disposable, sad but true. Anything you won't do for us, someone else will be more then willing to step up and take care of us, and that's the guy that gets the trophy wife. The self-absorbed, naive man, is still a boy to us, and what we really want, is a MAN. A woman will love you whole heartedly if you play your cards right, but if you don't, she will call your bluff and walk away with the pot, take your pride with her, and leave you all alone to figure out how the heck she pulled it off.


Tuesday, December 16, 2008

X-Men Origins: Wolverine Trailer

The long awaited trailer for the long awaited Wolverine solo movie, officially titled X-Men Origins: Wolverine, has finally hit the Internet. This isn’t the shitty bootleg video that was released a few days ago, nor is it the trailer that was shown at this year’s Comic-Con. It’s the brand spanking new HD trailer, and I don’t care what the grapevine says… it looks awesome!

C’mon, you got all hell breaking loose with a vile looking Sabertooth, Gambit (finally), a super cute White Queen, and Wolverine attacking helicopters with only his claws. Sounds like a blast to me. X-Men Origins: Wolverine hits theatres May 1st, 2009.

My Haul Over the Weekend...

Went over to Litt Tak Toys Warehouse Promotion and Converse Warehouse Sale. Money money and money spending time!!! Initially already broke with both pockets burning holes. But this was irresistible for me!!! Especially TOYS. Yeah freaking toys!!! Yeah still small boy at heart!!! By adding my toys collection, Mum was nagging at me for 1 whole night. ><

1/200 XXXG-01W Wing Gundam

Neon Genesis Evangelion: EVA Unit-01 Extra Finish Limited Edition Model Kit

Neon Genesis Evangelion: Eva Unit-01 Extra Finish Limited Edition Model Kit. Imported from Japan! Similar to a previously released Bandai model kit, this limited edition HG model of the EVA-01 Test Type comes with something "Extra," a metallic finish! In particular, the weaspons a plated finish, and others have a shiny matte metallic finish. Also comes with a translucent model of EVA-01 pilot Shinji. Assembly required.

Nendoroid SD Strike Freedom Gundam

The Strike Freedom Gundam gets the SD treatment; with gold-colored polycaps and bright foil stickers for detail, its pre-colored parts all snap together, so no glue or paint is required to finish it.
Everlast Hoodie... which Mum keep nagging for what I bought it...

Everlast T-shirt... damn dirt cheap..

Everlast T-shirt... damn cheap.. backside...

Converse long sleeves T-shirt...


And lastly, unrelated from this blog post... Souvenir from Vietnam... seashell made necklace... THANK YOU, DEAR...