Monday, June 12, 2006

Life after Samsung

It has been almost 5 till 6 weeks I been working in the new company or should I say lepaking in the new company. Not sure it is a right move to make or not till now since I left my beloved Samsung SDI(M) regrets.....still a long way to go!!! Till now I still don't have anything to do yet or any new things to learn, just lingering around the office, chatting online and downloading all sorts of things!!! I already got my first pay but not sure to be happy or not to be since I learn nothing. *Damn*

And today, the rumours about the company will be shut down or sold to others have become reality. The CEO held a small meeting trying to explain what is the company current status. *Damn* working life is tough. Not sure how my old man and other ppl got through it. Hahahahaha...!!!! Maybe the force strong with me!!!!............

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Floater's Boring Life

Fucking Hell Tuesday