Saturday, September 29, 2007

Shine On Me...

Shine some light on my broken and wilted soul...

Friday, September 28, 2007

Bowling Session With Colleagues...

For last 3 months, we had counterpart, SJ from Austin visitng us on work purposes. We had a small outing to Sunway for bowling and steamboat. Bowling was fun but painful because on the next day, my whole arm and hand are aching like hell. Wakaka.. we had 3 rounds. I start to get my groove during the third game. Jeezz.. me so slow and useless!!!! Wakaka... my team did not win but we do had lots of fun.

After bowling session, we head out for dinner opposite Sunway Pyramid for steamboat introduced by KC, Chong Qing Steamboat Buffet. KC highly recommended because of it's spicy Mah Lak soup from Taiwan and their herbal soup. I find the Mah Lak soup so so nia because too oily... The oily was damn kau thick. Maybe it is like that one.. Dunno lar.. anyway, the environment was great, fully air-conditioned (but still sweating profusely...wakkakaka..!!!), quite a lot of variety of food to chose from and lastly, they do have 6 type of yummilicous ice-cream to sapu.. Yaya.. I'm a sucker for ice-cream. Dun jealous!!! I had 3 bowls of ice-cream before I stopped forcing food into my mouth!!! Wakaka... We have great talking cock session and enjoyed ourselves. During dinner, KC and I had war of words between us, having fun teasing each other. KC, YOU BETTER BEWARE of the CONSEQUENCE!!! REVENGE IS SWEET!!! Wakakaka...

We are also gonna have a BBQ session to bid SJ farewell. Yahoooooo..... Yiiippeeee......!!! Let's burn some MEAT!!!

VK busy choosing his lucky "ball"!!!

Everybody checking out VK's ass...

Hahahhaa.... longkang!!!

Sally, our tai ga jie, look so borrriiiinnnggg!!! Yawn!!!

Some malfunction on the lane... Please service!!!

FOOOOOOOOODDDDDDDDDDD!!! Damn hungry after the game...

Yummilicous ice-cream!!! 6 flavors!!!

Jeezz.... foood againn...


Chong Qing Steam Buffet Restaurant...

Yiippeee... the Mah Lak and herbal soup start to boil!!!

Look at the table... so clean and tidy...

Okay... let's dump all the food inside the pot!!!

Talking cock session while waiting...

Look at the table again after makan session, freaking messy and dirty!!!

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Please Wear Safety Belt!!!

Please wear safety belt no matter if you are the driver or front or back passenger!!! If not you will get hurt, even hantu also need to wear also!!! You don't believe me? Check the video below. Not sure whether this video by Proton is blardy stupid or blardy farney. Let you all to decide...

Sunday Night Heroes !!! YATTA !!!

YATTA !!! Cool and farney advertisment by Masi Oka!!! This is going to make you smile: last Sunday NBC aired a promo for its “Sunday Night Football on NBC” program, starring Masi Oka (Hiro Nakamura) and Dallas Cowboy’s Terrell Owens.

Here’s the promo:

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

My Profession Is Human Sexuality

So who here major in Human Sexuality? If yes, so you're a prostitute? Geezz... Have world gone mad?? ROFL!!!

I Cried and Feel Good About It...

I came late to work today!!! Yippeee...!!! But what the heck, I came in with a good mood.

Last few days, I was down. Workload piling up like Mount Everest. Emotional stress growing. Moody. News of little Nurin Jazlin, our fucked up judiciary system and the murder of 2 ladies from Kepong ain't help though. Yesterday, my colleagues and I talk about how to handle stress during workday. Some said that they have this "BALL" where they can squeeze and play with. KC said she will cry to release the stress. It sound quite ridiculous a bit. I was laughing my ass of at her.

After whacking up the whole yummilicous roasted duck, for Mooncake Festival dinner, it did not help much, but it did bring back a smile on my blardy face. Anyway, woke up early as I went to bed early with my brain malfunction, I decide to finish up watching last epsidoe of My Boss, My Hero, the japanese series. Guess what, I cried watching the freaking show!!! And I felt better... Crazy or not!!! Felt a bit fucking sissy also... Wakaka... The series was awesome because it brings back my memories during my school days... Jeezz.... I think now I should cry more often when I'm down with uncle visit!!!!

So my advice to all my kukujiaoman fans who are feeling down and emo. PLEASE TRY TO CRY MORE OFTEN!!! No fucking bluff one!!! Hahahahah... btw, ENJOY this song also.. I FELL GOOD.... and thank you, KC for teaching me something new!!! Mucksss....

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Photos From Last Week...

Last week, I got souviners, go eat so so nia punya Bak Kut Teh and Timberland Warehouse Sales. Aiya!!! Damn kau lazy to blog about last week, let the pictures do the talking!!! Kekekeke!!!

My Babi Guling keychain and Olympic keychain... Thank you, HHTHJM and LH...

Last Wed, HHTHJM, Hew, second wife, first wife and her kai ka lo and myself, were craving for Sup Babi aka Bak Kut Teh, too bad Angel can't make it...

6 cups for second wife, herself... sot sot jor...


Hew boh song second wife...

Restaurant Yi Xin Ge, near Kelana Jaya LRT station...

Lunch time, curi keluar go Timberland Warehouse Sales at Nanyang Siang Pau, PJ...

People mountain, people sea... how to buy lah!!!

Worrywart, beh tahan jor!!! Fast fast come out, looking for fresh air...

Nanyang Siang Pau front desk...

We infiltrate Nanyang Siang Pau's cafeteria and have our lunch there...

Believe or not!!! This is my first time, where got cafeteria in a company serve BABI!!! No doubt, good place to HAVE PORK!!!

Monday, September 24, 2007

Cool Japanese Song - Sorafune by TOKIO

Have you seen "My Boss My Hero", the series? This is the movie theme song... Check it out and ENJOY IT.. Cool song...

Heroes Volume 2: New Character

From left: Dana Davis, Kristen Bell, David Anders, Dania Ramirez and Shalim Ortiz

It’s here! Just a few hours and the wait is over! I really can't wait till tommorrow to watch the new season of Heroes. So I plea to my second wife, hope she can download ASAP... Hahahaha...

The new episodes of NBC’s Heroes will introduce many new characters, and here there’s a quick profile -and video- of the ones that is said will have major roles during the earliest episodes of the upcoming new season.
Meet the new Heroes:

Monica enters in episode 4 from New Orleans with an unspecified ability. She works to support her brother and grandmother (Star Trek’s Uhura, Nichelle Nichols) and develops a bond with her cousin Micah (Noah Gray-Cabey). ”She’s a good girl with a good heart,” says Davis (The Nine). ”Her life’s been taken from her, and she’s looking for a way out.”

ELLE (Kristen Bell)
Described by Tim Kring as ”a little unstable” and ”a cautionary tale of what our Heroes could become,” Elle has ties to the Petrelli clan, H.R.G., and Claire. ” Elle has trouble knowing right from wrong. She holds a piece of Claire’s future,” says Bell, who admits, ”Heroes was the watercooler discussion at Veronica Mars.”

TEKEZO KENSEI (David Anders)
Yes, the pasty-skinned Anders is playing Hiro’s childhood idol, who according to history books is supposed to be a noble hero. Except, in reality, ”he is a drunk Englishman and a hired hitman, essentially,” says Anders (Alias). But he does have powers, and when they’re revealed, Kring says, ”they’ll have major ramifications for the entire Heroes world.”

MAYA HERRERA (Dania Ramirez)
In true ”Wonder Twin powers — activate!” fashion, the abilities possessed by twins Maya and Alejandro work in tandem. Ramirez (X-Men: The Last Stand) was actually unfamiliar with Heroes when she auditioned, but got hooked when she did her homework. ” I couldn’t leave my house. My dog was looking at me like ‘Please walk me.”’

As we meet Alejandro and Maya, they’re on the run from the law, forced to flee the Dominican Republic because of the destructive nature of their powers. "We are harming a lot of people with whatever it is that goes on with us,’‘ says Ortiz. ”We are on our way to the U.S. so we can get answers. Our story starts with a punch.”

Jokes On Monday - Buying Barbie...

On his way from home, a father realises it's his daughter's birthday. He stops at a toyshop and asks, "How much for one of these Barbies in display?" The shop assistant dryly says "Which ones do you mean, uncle? We have Shopping Barbie for RM90, Baech Barbie for RM90, Ballerina Barbie for RM90 and Skater Barbie for RM90. Then we've got Divorced Barbie for RM1,200."

The amazed father says "Why is Divorced Barbie Rm1,200 and the others only RM90?" The sales girl rolls her eyes and says, "Divorced Barbie comes with Ken's car, Ken's House, Ken's boat, Ken's computer and all of Ken's friends...." Jeezzz....

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Link Galore

Not sure whether this a tag or not. But what the heck... Since my jie, saoirse added me into the list, I mah adopted this from her.


Write a post, and copy and paste my list from below into it. Make sure the links are active and correct. If your blog is on that list, remove it because your post isn’t about self-promotion. Don’t worry, because if your name is on mine, it’s on others and will spread. Add your favourite deserving blogs to the top of the list (not compulsory). Publish the post. People will notice the incoming links, and hopefully write their own z-list posts. The result will be that we all get more links pointing to our blogs, and more readers - got to be good!

Key Points
1. Create a new post on your blog.
2. Copy and Paste the entire list of blog links below
3. Add any blogs that you want to include near the top of the list. (Optional)
4. Include the blog where you first got the list from, on the list in your post.
5. Do not include your own blog links on the list in your post.
6. Make sure that all links are copied intact.
7. Publish the Post.

Here are my adds-on:
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