Monday, December 31, 2007

Oooo La La La... Nude Models...

Click on the picture to see the full-size version, originally from French Photo magazine's issue celebrating 20 years of Supermodels. You'd think seeing a bunch of Victoria's Secret models in the nude wouldn't be such a big deal, considering that Victoria's Secret models already spend all their time in their underwear (yes, all their time, that's all they do, so shut up and deal with it!!!). Of course, that isn't the case because having Alessandra Ambrosio, Izabel Goulart, Miranda Kerr, Adriana Lima, Karolina Kurkova, and Selita Ebanks all standing naked in a row is pretty freaking awesome. Would have been a bit AWESOMENESS if they were facing the right way, but they look quite nice from the back as well. BYE BYE MONDAY BLUES!!! AND HAPPY NEW YEAR 2008!!!

Sunday, December 30, 2007

Euphoria By Ministry of Sound

Euphoria By Ministry of Sound, London is soon to be opened in Sunway. Currently, construction is going on at the location where the club Arena used to be, opposite the Borneo Rainforest Cafe. This is by far one of the best news for hardcore clubbers in Klang Valley. Let's hope Euphoria will give us a slice of the MOS exhilarating experience. Found it when having buffet lunch at the Sun & Surf Care... TOTALLY ROCKS!!!

Thank God It's Friday

Thank God It's Friday!!! And it is the last Friday for 2007!!! Still having holiday mood bug in me. My last Friday for 2007 was a good one!!! Tremendously good and awesome!!! For lunch, I had lunch buffet at Sun & Surf Cafe at Sunway, partly "subsidize" by my boss for lunch dept aka dept gathering. Better that nothing right!!! The ladies from my dept were anxious to be there since they were craving and targeting for fresh oyster!!! Hahaha... I had around 10 oyster though till they nearly came out crawling from my mouth and asshole!!! That is how full I am after the buffet.

After lunch, boss wanted to treat us J.Co donuts for our banana break. I nearly fainted. The freaking shop was at the other end and we here!!! Damn it!!! Must biatch KC's idea. *fainted* Nevermind, at least I walk walk so I can digest faster!!! Hahahahhaa!!! Too bad I did not touch any of those donuts cause I'm still blardy full!!! Wakakaka....

Okay, here comes the good part. After work, I had a date with Nat at Subang Parade. A new friend. A fine looking mature lady with good sense of humour. Nice to meet and to know you, Nat. Talking about fine looking mature lady, I never dated mature lady before and this is my first time!!! Dating my second wife for the first time felt similar. Nahhh... my second wife is young, hot and wild one!!! Wakaka... we dated for the first time at Wai Sek Kai, SS2. Keng mou!!! Hehehe... ok back to story. We yamcha at Coffee Bean and chat for while before her appointment with her family. She is funny, glamorous and sweet looking lady. Something about her that interest me. Anyway, I glad that we have become friends and finally meet up in person.

After that, I make my way to MPH and get some reading materials before fetching my second wife for dinner. Luckily, she smsed me just in time before reach my home. Make a quick u-turn. Hahaha.. it is a hubby's responsibilities to take care the wife right!!! She was working late and thought we (HHJHTM and me) ditched her. Fetched her and meet up with Hew and HC at Ming Tien for dinner. Had a great laugh with Hew's funny jokes. Really make my last Friday a great one while dating my beloved second wife...

Happy Birthday for all my friends for the month for DECEMBER!!! Nice or not, I took this picture at MPH before I go fetch...

KKJM Birthday Celebration and Shopping Spree with Wives and Friends...


I should blog about this long long time ago because it is one of the sweetest moment of mine. KKJM's BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION & SHOPPING SPREE with FRIENDS AND WIVES... Yeah, I am a good PROcrastinator. Hahahaha... Anyway, thanks for those make my birthday a really great one!!! I had my burpday at TGI Fridays at the Curve. HHJHTM told me that TGIF is the best among the rest. No doubt about it. Our server of the night has "BALLS" dangling over his head. HHTHJM love it and nearly cried out in ecstasy. I felt sorry for my second wife and Kelvin for having TGIF 3 times in 1 month!!! It was a great night out with my first, second and fifth wives there together. No catfights. LUCKY!!! Did a lot chitchating with fifth wife. Really glad and happy to see her. Anyway, I will keep this entry short and sweet. Long story short. I had a great night and fun. BTW, I tried to hook up with one of the waitress there, SABRINA, but failed terriblely!!! DAMN IT, I did not get her number just her name. Anyone who often go there, check her out!!! Totally awesome chick!!! THANK YOU VERY MUCH to girls and guys, you all rock my world especially HHTHJM, who organize this party and second wife, who had a bad day but still manage to go wild and crazy!!! Mucksss....


SHOPPING SPREE TIME!!! Since it was my birthday, my 1 year old at SkalaBebas, Christmas, it is fucking time that I pampered myself. Some more, bonus baru keluar. But I got pro-rate. FUCK IT. I already determined to spend it and that is FINAL. So I went out dating with second wife at Midvalley for the whole day. Yeah, just me and her together for the whole day. SWEET!!! Ooopppss... forgot HHTHJM join us for lunch also!!! Hehehe.... too sweet maybe till forgot. Lunch time equals great time equals relax and talking cock time!!! Later, I drag HHTHJM along with us to do some shopping. Got them a hair band each including for Sis also as Christmas present. Nothing fancy or expensive. Kekekeke... maybe next year. Ring maybe? With stone? Hahahaha... My second wife has a long shopping list. Really long one. She was planning to get a nice dress. Yeah, she is gorgeous in dress or skirt. Seldom she wears one other than jeans. At one time, she tried out 4 or 5 dresses in same fitting room and cause massive traffic jam of people queuing up!!! Hahahaha!!! Somemore later kelam kabut in fitting room. *fainted* Ok, ok... long story short, I got myself a pair of sneakers for gym from New Balance and Polo Explorer perfume. Yeah, you heard me another shoes. I think this year I'm a bitch to shoes!!! Hahaha.. I think I got about 6 to 8 pairs of new shoes including leathers and loafers. Talking about perfume, after trying out so many samples around Midvalley. By the end of the day, I got a bunch of paper strips!!! Maybe around 30 to 40 strip of papers. Wakakaka... Second wife got herself a tube dress (sexy), a t-shirt from HP, a new handbag and others... Can't remember jor. Girls with their shopping list are a major troublesome!!! Hahahhaa... BTW, check out the dress she bought below. She left the dress with me accidently when we want to go home. Beautiful white angel tube dress. Nice or not!!?? ....

Before I forgot, Mum and Sis went over to the Waston Warehouse Sales and got me a glove to use for scrubbing when taking bath. *frown* & *fainted* Thanks Mum and Sis.


Check out this performance of "fairies" at Midvalley. The freaking background music got stuck in my head till now!!! DAMN IT!!! So captivating!!!