Monday, July 23, 2007

To Hate or Not To Hate?

Wah sei!!! Now tagging season ar? Suddenly so many tag to do geh? *fainted* Morning morning already got tagged by belle. Nvm, nvm do this one first later only do other tag. This one should not take too long. I'm doing this tag while at meeting... Hehehehe.. keng mou!!! Here goes, here is my tag:-

1. Food you hate
Errrrr..... food that I hate. Diuu..... this one damn hard to answer, I love eating, means I love food!!! So food that I hate, hate and hate is, cannot think of any food... Wait, wait wait, I know!! The food that I really fucking hate is the food without any TASTE!!! Hehehehe.... clever or not?

2. Fruits that you hate

Shit lar... talk about eating somemore ar? Geez, who don't like fruits wor? Fruits is the source of vitamins A, B, C, D, E, F........... and Z. I love my fruits. So I think I will skip this question.

3. Veggies that you hate
Hahhahaa... this should be easy. I used to freaking hate veggies when I was small. Mum used to spoon feed me with green veggies. Thank you, Mum, now I love eating some of the green veggies especially as asparagus. Anyway, I still hate to have slimy veggies like brinjal and ladyfinger.

4. Celebrities or people that you hate
Celebrities I really hate ar? Mmmhhhhh.... there are many, but the names keep playing in my mind now is BRITNEY SPEARS and STEVEN LIM. Wait, wait is Steven Lim is a celebrity? Who is Steven Lim? The guy who do tiger dance with his YELLOW panties on Singapore Idol for hie 5 minutes fame. I think he is on his own league, if you know I mean. Not sure why his name came up, maybe I saw his video post on Xiaxue's blog on the 7 most hated bloggers. BRITNEY SPEARS!!! The MILF of the century? Nah... she is ugly and mess up bitch after get married. Aiya no need to explain anymore, I think some of you also know better.

5. Event/Incident/Situation that you hate
MMhhhh.... what I hate ar? Any event, incident or situation that make my family and anyone that know and close to me sad and hurt. Touch wood!!! Bleuk!!!

6. TV Shows or Movies that you hate
Movies or TV shows that I hate are those with crappy story lines and repeated jokes.

7. Type of Music that you hate
Music, music, music which one of you, I hate the most? So far there is no music I hate currently. It depends on my mood lah... If mood good, listen to Michael Buble lor.. if mood bad, mah listen to Prodigy or Metalica. Hehehehehe....

8. Household chore that you hate
Diiuuu....... who like to do household chore wor?? You find me one people who like, I kasi belanja makan roti canai!!! Hahahhahaha.... But, I really really hate to wash and wax my car. Really beh song one, after wash and wax ar, sure raining one!!! Then all the efforts gone down to longkang... NMKCCB!!!!

9. Things you hate about the world
Racism, bias, war, bla bla bla bla..................

10. Things that you hate about yourself
I LOVE MYSELF. So not need to answer... Wait, there is one!!! I hate my uncle visit!!! Really really piss off, if he come visit me often. Dunno WTF he come visit me for!!! Alway make me grumpy and moody. Even Mum and Dad do not dare to kacau and stay away from me!!! Scary boh??!! Hehehehehe...

Yes.... finish the tag. Now come the hardest part, who shall I tag? I know... let's tag...
Saoirse - My jieeeeee
iluvtina - "mummy" of the year
crysviolette - my Italian wife?? Hehehehe..

Have fun doing the tag!!! Adioosss...back to work!!!


belle said...

u know wat..its so true about washing car!!
niasing everytime wash sure rain! i just wipe the stipid more wash no more wax!
woi..lady finger rox ok!!

saoirse said...

Hi hi... Haha I like the washing car part. I've done the tag even though it's not as interesting as yours. ;)

k u k u j i o a m a n said...

Lol.. so long liao still remember my tag ar, jieeee!!! Lol!!!