Sunday, July 29, 2007

Shopping Spree Frenzy!!!

Phew!!! This weekend was hectic weekend, because sale is everywhere!!! It has been quite sometimes I went crazy shopping, I think the last was the Fila warehouse sales. I did not make plans for last Friday night, so decide to ask Handsome Guy and my jie, Saoirse to tag along to Hush Puppies Warehouse Sale at Armada Hotel, PJ. Bought a pair of Hush Puppies loafers. It wasn't the design I was looking for ages, but hey, a beggar cannot be a chooser. Hehehhee.. Saoirse fall in love with a few pairs of sandals but no sizes. Too bad for her!!!

On the next day, Saturday morning, I woke up feeling hyper, force Mum and Sis to go shopping around PJ and Shah Alam since Dad interested to get a pair of leather shoes. Our first stop was SS13, PJ for LuxAsia Fragrance Warehouse Clearance. Reach there at 11am, the traffic was heavy and people already lining up on the roadside. WTF??!! Like no need money nia?? Not wasting anymore time, we left for Armada Hotel for Hush Puppies Warehouse. Yeah, you heard correctly, again Hush Puppies. Really can't get enough of it. Mum kept nagging, she said yesterday go already, today go again, not sien one meh??!!! Hahahhaha.. I told her that maybe got new stock ler. Hehehe.. somemore me kiasu mah!!!! Anyway, I need to get Dad a pair of leather shoes. The crowd was so-so nia, not as bad as I expected. Heard last year, there was a big big crowd, till people need line up from the ballroom at 3rd floor till car park. Try to imagine how big is the crowd, can go chi sin one!!! After looking here and there, left and right, Mum and I decide to get Dad 2 pairs of Obermain leather shoes. Dunno he like it or not. Hehehee...

Our next stop was Crocodile Stock Clearance Sale at Amcrop Mall, PJ Newtown. The sales was so-so and didn't meet up the expectaction. We did not get anything from there. I run into Khalis, my HR director. Fuyiooohhh... he also on shopping frenzy!!! Hehehe... We had lunch at Sri Melaka courtesy of Sis. Thank you, Sis!!! Actually, I force her to belanja one!!! Keng mou!!! Lol!! Nice food and environment. I had Mutton Rendang with Rice, Sis had Assam Laksa and Mum had Nyonya Fried Rice. Before we head to our next destination, Mum and Sis hang around Gaint and I go jalan jalan around the flea market. Not many store as Sunday flea market. Highly recommended if you guys want to get all the antic things.

Next stop which is our final stop, was to hunt for Levis jeans. Price knockdown on Levis and Dockers at Shah Alam Mall. Discount till 70%!!! No bluff one!!! I checked with lady boss of the shop why there is sales since Levis stores seldom have sales one. She told me that they overstocked and in addition, she said the jeans and pants are not rejected products. Dunno true or not. Hahahaha... Now, the lady boss and I kam ching liao and since she know I stay nearby, dunno in the future, she will give me more discount or not!!! Dream on, baby!!! I got myself a pair of Levis Red Loop 505 for 40% less. Totally awesome!!

As a result, I got myself 3 pairs of new shoes and a pair of new jeans. Pokai lor!!! My credit card nearly melted cause swipe to many times. Hehehehe..... Now must save up more money for my next shopping spree frenzy!!!

People mountain, people sea @ Armada Hotel!!!

Buy shoes also got bodyguard one meh??!!

Lai lai, cheap cheap Crocodile underwear!!! No buy also nvm, can smell it for free!!!

Crocodile Stock Clearance Sale @ Amcorp...

Sri Melaka @ Amcrop

Mum's Nyonya Fried Rice...

My Mutton Rendang with Rice...

Sis's Assam Laksa

My 3 new pairs of shoesss...

Levis Red Loop 505

Nice or not?? Please ignore my hairy bulus!!!

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