Thursday, July 19, 2007

James Kyson Lee’s Ando Masahashi regular on Heroes!

Yahooooooooo................. Ando, Hiro Nakamura's loyal sidekick will back from second season as a regular. Must be a great news for HHTHJM!!! Hehehehe... Not sure in second season of Heroes whether Ando will have superpower like others or just a regular next door guy. But anyway, a great news for all the fans of Heroes.

James Kyson Lee’s Ando Masahashi becomes “a full-fledged regular” on “Heroes” in the new season, the actor is glad to report. As far as he is concerned, Ando, who started off as the rather reckless and feckless pal of Hiro (Masi Oka) on the NBC hit, “has gone through one of the biggest growth transformations of all the characters. He started off thinking Hiro was living in a fantasyland, but slowly became a believer. Now he’s started spearheading some of their actions. He’s an important part of this mission, even though he doesn’t have powers right now. That’s something people can latch onto — the idea of facing danger knowing you’re mortal and don’t have super abilities. Ando plays the perspective of an audience member, and asks a lot of the questions viewers would ask.”

The Seoul-born, Bronx-bred Lee says that as far as socializing with the rest of the “Heroes” cast, “We try to when we have time, but there’s not a lot of time. We work at such a frenetic pace. One week I had to shoot four different scenes with four different directors. It was insane.”