Friday, July 13, 2007

8 Little Facts Bout kukujiaoman

Tag??!! Alamak, I been tagged by our November gal, iluvtina. She somemore come to blog and asked me to do her tag. So sure must give face to her mah, she is my close friend since we were small. Heheheh... here goes, from here onwards, you all, my loyal kukujiaoman fans and my lovely seven wives will know my little dirty secret about myself, kukujiaoman. Hehehehe... can you all handle the truth, can you??

These are 8 little facts about kukujiaoman:

Fact 1:
Wife. I currently got 5 wives, still looking for others 2 more. Looking for the 2 more to fill in for 4th and 6th. Anyone interested? I love all my wives, no doubt about it. 1st wife, the dai kar jie, now still in Austin, Texas with her kai ka lor!!! Damn kau jeles!!! 2nd wife, the assistant of dai kar jie, who loves to cook movie and a star wars hardcore fan. 3rd wife, the cook of the family, who kahwin lari with other balak to China!!! 5th wife, the sweetest of all, missing her alot coz cannot see her everyday like last time. *crying* And lastly the 7th wife...............

Fact 2:
Michael. The name I gave myself after secondary before joining uni. Believe it or not, the reason I choose this name as my english name, because I love Knight Rider very much when I was small. And the main character played by David, is named Michael Knight. *paiseh paiseh*

Fact 3:
I love to sleep. Never never fucking disturb me when I sleeping. Sufficient sleep is a must for me during weekend or holidays, if not I will become grumpy and make a fuss out of anything. Even my parents scare and don't dare to disturb my beauty sleep. Dun play play!!!??

Fact 4:
Policeman. My ambition when I was little, was to become a policeman. Hehehee.... you know why?? Dunno? Ceh, everyday just saman people nia, then makan rasuah here and there!!! No good meh?? Where to find this of job?? Hehehe... actually small that time, watch too much TVB Police Story, want to catch bad guys mah...

Fact 5:
Good listener. I'm a fucking good listener. No bluff one, many friends come and talk cock to me one!!! So now you all know who to look for when you need someone to share your problem. *seriously* no bluff one...

Fact 6:
HHTHJM. What is that? Diuuuuuuuu... HHTHJM is half heng tai half ji mui lar. Only I got one, other people sure dun have. HHTHJM is one of the kind in the world!!!

Fact 7:
Toilet. Toilet is where you do your shitting and pee-pee!!! Geli rite. But I just love to spend my time in the toilet everyday. No miss one. Do what? Masturbate?? No lar, reading newspaper nia!! Not sure why??!! But the feeling of reading the newspaper while shitting just satisfying. I can sit in there for hours sometimes. Max maybe 1 hour lar. Maybe you all should try it. Hehehehe.....

Fact 8:
I love a woman scent especially the scent of them after taking the bath. The refreshing scent. Not sure why, but sometimes a woman scent can make me nearly cum in my pants. No doubt. Hehehe... hamsup or not??

And i’m tagging along:

saoirse - my beloved jie jie

bobo-robert - self proclaimed handsome guy

ah huei - Payperpost dai kar jie of the month, dun play play!

belle - the farney girl who love to beech...

hello rainbow - future famous fashion designer, an italian housewife, my future 6th wife


Huei said...

i shall pretend i never see this post


jangan kacau me sleep oso!! unless u wan me goreng u!! heheheh watch those tvb shows i oso wana be polis..cos got leng chai polismen! kakakakakka
but msia..aye
not bad oso lar actually..u get to see money flying around the streets..mana mau cari??

*back to pretending*

k u k u j i o a m a n said...

Hahaha.... must do the tag!!! Hehehe... u only want to be leng chai polis nia... *bluek*

belle said...

WHY U TAG 9 ME! sobs

MD said...


Hello Rainbow said...

ahahhaa.. eh everybody also belasah u for tagging them.. takkan I miss out right... (*&@*!%@&^!$&!@(!*@! LOLLLL just kidding la, my first tag woh! woohoo!!!!!!!!! *proud*
oh btw, i never say i become ur wife ah.. sign contract first. how much u pay me.. :P

k u k u j i o a m a n said...

belle: Hehehe... tag you kau kau!! Must do lor...

md: Welcome, got free lunch or dinner??

hello rainbow: Lol.. first that must do lor... please become my wive lar.. how much also i give!!! Hahahhaa....