Thursday, July 26, 2007

I'm Tai Kor Mah!!!

Hello, broooootheer!!! Watching movie, hero also die I tell you. Wei, you know ar, many people looking at me, you know. Shuddapp man!! So what!! Who dare to scold me?? Hahahhahaa....!!! I dun care lar... I, Tai Kor mahhhh!!! Fuyiooohh, damn kau terrible!!! Everytime go watch movie, sure got this blardy guy talks loudly on the phone!!! Chin Tu Lan one!!! How to watch movie peacefully??!! Hahahaha... no lar, I'm just refering to an advertisment. No worries. I think who often go watch movie sure came across this advertisment by Digi. The cinema management sure no fail to show this Digi advertistment!! Damn kau farney and hilarious.

But do guys know who is that blardy guy, tai kor ar? He is Jimmy Yoong Swee Zhen, 19 years old only nia. He became an instant celebrity with his uncouth tai kor attitude. He also as known as our new Malaysia si lai killer. Why ar? Elderly ladies and aunties rush to him for autograph whenever they spot him!! *fainted* Like that also can ar?? One word to describe, KENG!!!

In addition, the Digiman a.k.a. Yellow Coverage Fellows featured with Jimmy, the Tai Kor in the advertisment, is actually his older brother. Surprise, surprise!!! Check out it more from The Star and ENJOY the advertisment if you can get enough of it.

I, Tai Kor mah!!!!

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