Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Kudos!!! For the Never Give Up Spirit!!!

Kudos!!! Pat on the shoulder!!! You know when we were down, we alway heard people said jangan putus asa or never give up. So this what the thief does. When he failed to steal the Porsche due to empty fuel yesterday, he never give up on the precious Porsche. With his harden balls, he stole the Porsche again under the noses of our Malaysian police force. WTF!!! What a idiot!!! Seems that our Malaysian police force cannot even take care of its own backyard. How do you expect the citizen to respect and believe in you wor?? Not sure whether the police jaga the car already been bribed or other else. Malaysia BULLeh!!! My respect and salute to the thief who stole the Porsche!! Congratulations on the new ride, bro!!! Hahahhahaha.....

Porsche thief forgets to ‘fill her up’

BUKIT MERTAJAM: Flashing a cheque book, a smartly-dressed man coolly asked for the keys to a sports car at a showroom here yesterday. He got into the RM963,000 Porsche 911 Targa 4, started the engine, and to the horror of the salespersons there, crashed the car through the showroom's glass pane and drove off at top speed. But he had not factored in one thing – fuel. The car ran out of petrol just 2km away and police found the car within 30 minutes at Hujung Perusahaan Dua in Prai. Dead end: Police officers looking at the Porsche that was found abandoned at Hujung Perusahaan Dua in Prai yesterday. A salesgirl, who declined to be named, said the man, who wore a suit, came into the showroom at about 1.50pm, holding a cheque book as he viewed the car. “He then asked for the keys to start the engine. Before I knew it, he drove the car through the glass pane and sped off,” she said.

Porsche stolen again

BUKIT MERTAJAM: The RM963,000 sports car that was stolen from a showroom here yesterday was stolen again – this time from right under the noses of the police. And police believe it was the same man who pulled it off again, because he had the car keys. The thief stole the Porsche 911 Targa 4 from the compound of the police headquarters here at 10.45pm yesterday. The car had been stolen from a showroom at Auto-City in Juru about nine hours earlier. Police recovered the car an hour near Maktab Tuanku Bainun in Mengkuang Titi, about 15km away. But this time, unlike in the first incident, the car had fuel. State police chief Deputy Comm Datuk Koh Hong Sun said disciplinary action would be taken against policemen who were found to be negligent in their duties. “We have the suspect’s fingerprints and are confident of arresting him soon,” he said after attending a ceremony for the transfer of 42 police personnel from the North Seberang Prai district to the Central Seberang Prai district at the police headquarters. In the first incident, the man, said to be smartly dressed man who flashed a cheque book, coolly asked for the key of the car, started it and sped off after crashing it through the showroom’s glass pane. Police recovered the car some 2km away, at Hujung Perusahaan Dua in Prai.


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