Monday, July 23, 2007

Great News for kkjm!!!

Great news!!! Great news!!! Not 1 great news but 2 great news!! First, my first wife will be back to Malaysia after her three months stint at Austin, USA. She will be arriving at KLIA this Wednesday, so that means this Thursday I will meet up with her. Yahoooo.......!!!! I think her kai ka lo sure go KLIA to fetch her... Geezzz.. Second great news is that my fifth wife will mostly probably join back SkalaBebas if she got thru the interview. Let's pray hard and keep the fingers cross. Love you both... Mucksss... Big happy family once more, yiipppeeee...!!!

Mada mada dane. Still got one tag to do from Ah Huei. I'm so darn lazy, maybe get it done by this week. What a slow Sunday? Let's listen to Michael Buble - Everything, nice and relaxing. Really can't get enough of Michael Buble's song.

Michael Buble - Everything

Good night.... Hope tomorrow will be a better day... Jaa ne..!!

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