Saturday, July 07, 2007

Can Anyone Give Me a Hug?

I really need a hug!!! *sobbing* Sometimes, a hug is all what we need, to move on or when we are really down. I totally agreed, especially when we are down or emotional stress out, just a hug from friends or even a stranger will our spirit up. A hug brings out the happiness and and smiles among us showing there still love present inthis world of globalization. A hug is free. We just need a little courage to stop and look around, see our friends and family to share our love. I want to hug all my lovely seven wives!!! Lai lai, come come, we hug hug and sek sek!!! Hehehehehe.... While I was surfing, I got know about Free Hugs. Check the videos below and ENJOY IT.

Official Free Hugs Campaign Video by Juan Mann, himself

Free Hugs in Seoul by Jinwoo Shin

The ending Korean comment means:
Free Hugs
In this place, there is love
In this place, there are smiles and happiness
To find this place, you need not money
You just need alittle courage
Stop. Look around and see your friends and family
And share the love
So what is Free Hugs? Free hugs is a real life controversial story of Juan Mann, a man whose sole mission was to reach out and hug a stranger to brighten up their lives. In this age of social disconnectivity and lack of human contact, the effects of the Free Hugs campaign became phenomenal. Read here how Free Hugs all started by Juan.

As this symbol of human hope spread accross the city, police and officials ordered the Free Hugs campaign BANNED. What we then witness is the true spirit of humanity come together in what can only be described as awe inspiring. In the Spirit of the free hugs campaign, PASS THIS TO A FRIEND and HUG A STRANGER! After all, if you can reach out just one person, isn't it great!!!

Did you all know that participants on the forum of the official Free Hugs campaign website have decided to declare an official International Free Hugs Day. This will fall on the first weekend after the 30th of June, every year. On Saturday the 7th of July this year, or more specifically on 7/7/07. The purpose of the day is to promote the Free Hugs campaign. The organisers are hoping that hundreds of people around the world will be distributing free hugs on this day. Not sure how successful is the campaign, let's see and check it out for the next few days on this.....

Sometimes, a hug is all what we need...


Handsome Guy said...

Why you copy my topic???

k u k u j i o a m a n said...

Lol.. U copied mine izzit!!! Hahaha...

messy daisy said...

are u gonna start this in KL?

k u k u j i o a m a n said...

Yaya... CC is gonna give the head start first, she say start from pudu then move on to sg wang... lastly klcc...

want to join?