Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Another Reason Why Sunway Pyramid Sucks..!!

Who have been Sunway Pyramid lately? Sunway Pyramid is currently subjected to a face-lift on some parts of its premise. I not sure when the construction starts, but I think it has been quite for some period already. The reason I dislike to go to SP because of its carpark and the construction currently going there. Just one word to describe it, SUCKS!! I always face difficulty to get parking slot there, maybe just not my luck. Hahahhaa.. Anyway, back to story, last Sunday, I had an appointment with my friend, YF, from Penang. He was there to attend a product workshop by Amway held the convention center. So you can imagine how packed is SP with poeple and it is Sunday!! People mountain people sea, no bluff!!!

After lunch with my friend, I headed to the car park. Who has been in SP, know that during weekend, the parking for first 4 hours is charge at RM 3.00. There was a long queue at the automated machine to pay for the parking, not sure why. When almost my turn to pay the parking, then I know why it is a long fucking queue. The machine only accepts RM1 because temporarily does not give change or balance. WTF!!! I only had a RM5 note and the rest is RM10. Where the hell I should get the change? With so many people in SP, I was begging for change but in vain. I tried the customer service located near Starbuck, but they can't help also. Really useless!!! They asked to kao tim myselfI! Hahahhaa.. So how?? Cry ar?? Heheh.. no lar.. I decided to go my car to mine for coins and ngam ngam ho can accumalate RM3. Really fucking parking management. So it this my fault not bring RM1 or I'm a sohai???!!

Okay, gtg.. just want to rant nia...leaving for dinner with colleagues.. Ciao..

Parked at Lv5 but the automated machine at Lv8, duii....

Useless piece of junk!!!


This carpark sucks to max!!

How??! Only got RM5 and Rm10..


cc said...

ok, next time I go sunway piramid, I'll be sure to bring loads and loads of RM1 and coins

Messy Daisy said...

Surprisingly, Sunway Pyramid is still my favourite mall of all, maybe its the location tht is near to my house, and also i'm very familiar with all the shops and wherabout there. despite the construction going on, i have never had any problem looking for parking there (tips is always target level 1 or 2), and one thing i love the most if the buggy car that drive u to ur car, and their security is good - makes me feel safer there compared to other malls. i heard the Parkson just got opened with new look and more shops. Cant wait for go there. :P :P

lastly, i still rate Sunway Py 10x better than ur favourite Cineleisure. :P :P

k u k u j i o a m a n said...

Lol... i totally agree with you about the buggy car, nice ride, brings back the memories when I go zoo negara.... I tot parkson open jor ?? No meh?? Ceh.. I like to go Cineleisure and Curve, coz of the Borders and Ikea!!!!