Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Blogger Booze Night Out...

Blogger Booze night out... I know a bit late to blog about!!! Who cares!! I'm still a virgin for this kind of event mah. Hehehe... So last Saturday, I went for Blogger Booze at Hartamas. Drinking session mah, sure must go mah somemore already promise to date Ah Huei there. Sure must go one!! The gathering was great and I got to meet up many bloggers and other non-bloggers. Got to know and make new friends!! We chit-chat, talk cock, socializing and intro intro ourselves lar.. But the farney thing is that during most of the introduction, people sure ask about your blog. Like "What is your blog address?", "What and why you blog one geh?" What to do, blogger booze mah!!!

I was late due to blardy jam at Federal and I got lost at Hartamas. A bit jakun at Hartamas. Seldom hangout there. *paiseh*. At the start of the event, I met up Ah Huei, Kenny Ng and Daniel at the entrance and later meet up with Dale. Kenny, Dale and Daniel, nice meeting you guys. You guys rock. BTW, thanks for the 2 jugs of beer. Next time on me. I'm also glad to meet with Ah Huei, our tai gah jie of PPP. Even Josh Lim, Adverts CEO was excited and surprised to meet her. Keng mou!!! Ah Huei, lunch date next time? Hehehehe...

I even met up with my long lost friend, Earl Ku. That bugger still look the same as last time only that no more Ah Beng hairstyle nia. Hehehehe.. Bro, glad to finally meet up. Too bad we did not really chit chat and talk about kukujiao.

Okay, let me see if I can remember other bloggers and non-bloggers that I met that night. Zewt, Timothy, Elaine, Louis, Jason, Yatz and Charmayne. Sorry if I left anyone. Minta ampun, beribu-ribu ampun.

Overall is a great event, but there is some hiccups here and there about bills and sponsors. Let's not dwell at that part. Lastly, my thanks to Daniel for organizing and hosting this event. Great job, bro!!!

Our host, Daniel a.k.a. Gallivanter

Please drenched your hair with booze..!!

Camwhore session: Kenny, kkjm, Hizecool, Ah Huei and Zewt with his gf...

Booze on me this round!!!

p/s: The photos above I cetak rompak from Daniel and Kenny. Thank you, guys.


Kleio the Muse said...

Woah, sounds like a great night out. I've heard of it from a fellow gal blogger too. It's a bummer I couldn't afford to show my face there. Yeesh! I guess blogging anonymous does have it's set backs.

I totally enjoyed this post of yours. Thanks for sharing this event here. Guess it's time to dig around the blogsphere on further post about this fabulous event. Chiao! Until next time.

Oh yea, one more thing... I am also a fan of BLEACH. Basically a Anime fan.

k u k u j i o a m a n said...

kleio: A great night!! You should have come!! Maybe next gathering we will meet up!!

How you know I like bleach?

Kenny Ng said...

Haha... luckily u said cetak rompak, if not I'll sure you :P
Nice meeting you and I'm waiting for your booze :D

k u k u j i o a m a n said...

Hahhaa... sure kenny, next round on me!!! Yam seng!!!