Friday, July 27, 2007

Heroes: Latest News

Here is some fresh news and rumors about NBC Heroes’ Season Two. They come mostly from this morning’s on-the-set press conference, sponsored by the TCA. Masi Oka was the tour guide.

• Nathan and Peter are alive. Or better say “not dead?”. Isaac is dead but we’ll see more paintings of the future during season two.

• The series will take a four weeks break at Christmas, and another -similar- break in Spring.

• Hector Luis Bustamante (of ‘Hostage’ fame) has signed for a guest starring role that may turn into recurring

• Lyndsy Fonseca is off the show . Fonseca’s “gay cheerleader” role had to be cut after Fonseca landed a series regular part on Desperate Housewives.

• Ali’s character, Niki, will move away from the split-personality gig.

• The entire cast was present at the TCA press event on the set but Leonard Roberts (D.L. )Note this is the second Heroes’ press conference in a row without Roberts. Rumor, still going strong, is we won’t see D.L. during season 2.

• Dania Ramirez revealed that her character, Maya “..speaks Spanish, is in Central America and she’s running from the cops…”. Press notes describe Maya as “a young woman plagued by a threatening ability that has driven both her and her twin brother Alejandro (Shalim Ortiz) from their home in the Dominican Republic to make the dangerous crossing to the United States in search of help.”

• Zachary Quinto, asked about his role on the upcoming Star Trek movie said “Everybody else seems to have more to say about it than I do”…”I’m under strict orders not to say anything ” But the usually well informed insiders insist he got the part, and Tim Kring said “we’re in negotiations about that now” [he’ll work Quinto’s shooting schedule to not interfere with Star Trek’s].

• Haiti, Egypt, Mexico, Ireland, Ukraine, Japan and -obviously- the US are among this season’s destinations.

• Ubisoft is finishing a deal with NBC Universal to produce a “Heroes” videogame. Official announcement might come as early as this weekend at the SDCC.


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