Monday, June 04, 2007

Oit, come come to all kukujiaoman fans, join this special contest from Black Fury Energy Drink. Very easy one to enter one, but dunno easy to win or not!!! Hahhaha!!! Lai lai register at here. I areadly asked my all seven wives to join this contest, now pray hard hard and keep fingers cross, hope I and my wives win this contest!!!!

This Black Fury Energy is the new energy drink in town. It will quench your thirst and energizie your freaking day!!

When you need the energy to perform, pop open a can of Black Fury and REV UP YOUR POWER!

Black Fury is an energy drink formulated to increase and maintain alertness, endurance and performance levels of your body and mind. Use it to overcome stress, or inject energy into physical activity - or simply savour the taste that comes with power!

It delivers a kick you can enjoy anywhere - from the workplace to non-stop parties to extreme sports.

Introduced in the Malaysian market in May 2007, Black Fury is a product of Malaysia with HALAL certification. It is manufactured for and distributed by Stanson Marketing Sdn. Bhd.

*This post is sponsored by kkjm again*

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