Saturday, June 16, 2007

10 Good Reasons to Shop, If You Need One!!!

DO you all NEED a reason to shop ar? DO my seven wives need a REASON to shop? Yes, if my wives don’t want to be in debt for the rest of the year or have me disown all my wives if you all turn the house into a gigantic warehouse. Hehehehe.... you all know I won't right, or should I say DARE NOT to think about it also!!! So if you’re not good at organizing garage sales, make sure you have a compelling excuse to shop. I offer 10 suggestions to shop till you drop I got from here.

1. Replace and replenish
You’ve run out of socks, underwear and toothbrushes. Now, here’s an excellent reason to shop. You’re replenishing your supply while taking advantage of discounts. Sometimes what you need isn’t always so obvious so think ahead or better yet, do a stock take to find out what needs replacing. Stick to things that won’t go out of fashion too quickly – sunglasses and jeans – and finish fairly fast – toiletries and cosmetics. Don’t forget to top up your office supplies – pens, batteries and files, too.

2. Birthday presents
Do you usually buy birthday presents at the very last minute, when the shops are about to close? Avoid the mad rush by doing your shopping way in advance. Your friends deserve something more interesting than a mug or a keychain.

3. Christmas presents
The same applies to Christmas presents. December may be six months away but time flies when you’re busy. Christmas will be here before you know it and you won’t have time to buy gifts that are meaningful and well-thought out. Do your homework. Make a list of presents that friends and family will hold near and dear and make this Christmas a memorable one.

4. Wedding gifts
If you would rather give presents than money at weddings, now is a good time to source for interesting gifts for your newly-engaged friends. Think beyond dinner sets, kettles and cushion covers. Look for something different like spa vouchers for two, his and hers pyjamas or a custom-made honeymoon hamper.

5. Furnish your new home
Congratulations! You’ve just bought a home and you’re dying to furnish it with classy, sophisticated furniture that will make your house proud. But spending all your money on the downpayment has left you with little to splurge on a three-piece sofa set, plasma television and comfortable bed. So, there’s nothing better to cheer you up than a sale that lets you shop to your heart’s content and get the things you like at 50-70% off the normal price. Now you won’t have to sleep on the floor.

6.Store up for the holidays
The sale season is a great time to stock up on non-perishables like instant coffee, sweets, biscuits and instant noodles. Barbecue sauce, mustard and honey will come in handy if you’re planning a barbecue soon. Enjoy a big discount on your luggage and you’ll have enough money to go on that holiday you’ve been saving up for. A beach vacation will require sunblock, swimming suit and goggles. Get them here at a discount rather than regret buying them at your beach destination. There, it’ll cost you three to four times more than what you normally pay due to the foreign exchange rate.

7. Retail therapy
Shopping is retail therapy. When you’ve had a bad day or when things haven’t been going well lately, buying something for yourself is a great antidote for depression. Money won’t buy happiness but it can buy moments of joy where you get to enjoy a new pair of shoes, a good book, a satisfying meal at a fancy restaurant or a mobile phone that connects you to
positive-thinking friends.

8. Shop for your loved one
They say “giving is better than receiving”, so shop for someone you love other than yourself. If you have a toddler, get him a new toy. If you have a pet, get him a soft toy or a bone he can chew on for hours.

9. Win a prize
The Malaysian Mega Sale offers lots of opportunities to win great prizes through easy contests that don’t require much more than a slogan. If this is your lucky month, you could walk home with not just shopping bags but your dream home or favourite holiday package.

10. Treat yourself
You deserve it. All those long working hours and putting up with your boss would come to naught if you couldn’t spend the salary you’ve worked so hard for. Indulge yourself with a pampering facial and massage, treat yourself to a manicure and pedicure, buy yourself a nice watch. It doesn’t have to be your birthday for you to receive presents.

p/s: I love shopping... but the main reason, I shop is to treat and pamper myself. So I vote for reason no.10. What about you guys and gals?


little_devil said...

it's nice to get something for your loved ones too... so i'll have no.8 =)

k u k u j i o a m a n said...

MMmmmhhhhh.... i think you are right..!! I think I should get something for my seven wives!! Thanks for the advice...cheerss