Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Mr. Rabbit's Morning Exercise

I still remember last time, when I was attached to Samsung in Senawang, we were required to do morning exercise. I think most of the Japanese and Korean companies require their employees to do morning exercise before they start their daily work. The purpose of the exercise is to help the employees to do some strecthing or workout on every morning. Initially, I found the morning exercise is interesting and hilarous cos I got to see managers doing squats every morning. Hahhahaha... But I got lazy and fed-up with the daily morning exercise. Not sure, I still remember the morning exercise sequence or not. I think I need to ask HHTHJM, whether she still know it or not.

This morning, I got an email from one of my seven lovely wives, requesting me to do morning exercise following Mr. Rabbit. I was WTF and dumbfound!!!! But Mr. Rabbit's Morning Exercise truly funny and it is cute. Hhhmm... maybe I should bring up this to the higher management of SkalaBebas, and get them to implement it. Hahhahahaa...!!! Hope you guys and gals love and ENJOY IT. Come on, let's do it together and follow the steps!!!!

1st: Warming UpSam fu kap, kap hei, fu hei and lastly now can FONG PEI (must read in cantonese)

2nd: Stretching Pom Chak Chak Pom Chak Chak

3rd: Upper Body Exercise

4th: Lower Body Exercise (Moving to Left and back)

5th: Lower Body Exercise (Moving to Right and back)
6th: Head Exercise

Lv 1

Lv 2 I got Tit Tao Gong

7th: Whole Body Exercise

Lv 1

Lv 2

Lv 3
I wanna buang all SUI HEI...

8th: Jumping Exercise: The POSE is the key! Remember to jump!

9th: Relax

Lv 1

Lv 2

Final Exercise: Well Done Money money come...Money money come...


HHTHJM said...

Of course i dont remember, was only there 2 months, u were there longer than me, how can u ask me?? be paiseh! :P

k u k u j i o a m a n said...

Hahaha.. No mah, how I know maybe you still remember it ler...Hehehe

Peggy said...

I love those rabbit.. I have some of them in my msn emoticons.. They are so darn cute.. very cute and funny.. love it..

Hello Rainbow said...
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Hello Rainbow said...

hahaha they are so cute!!!
make me want to exercise also, pom chak chak pom chak chak lol..

k u k u j i o a m a n said...

Peggy: Copy and put in your msn emoticon lar.. Hehehe.. BTW, how are you? Feeling better?

Hello Rainbow: Lai lai together exercise, let's burn some calories...

cc said...

hahahaha, when this exercise pop up in my mailbox, it cheer-ed up my moody morning. Love the Level7 YATTA-left-right one the most.

k u k u j i o a m a n said...

LOL!! I love the 6th: Head Exercise Lv2, Tit Tao Gong!!!