Sunday, June 17, 2007

Love from Beijing, China

Another lonely and lazy Saturday night, I just hanging out in my room, reading some magazine I bought yesterday at the Curve. 1st wife having training, still at Texas, Austin. HHTHJM, 2nd wife, 5th wife and 7th wife, all went back to hometown to celebrate Happy Father's Day with thier dad. Boriinggg.....

Then, I got nudge in my Yahoo Messenger, from my 3rd wife, PL, who is currently in Beijing, China visiting her kai ka lo. I miss her so much!! She has been there almost for a month. She told me that she cooked my favourite dish when yesterday, which Sweet & Sour Pork (Gu Lou Yuk), and reminded her of me. So sweet!!! I did not know she can cook after married to her for almost 4 years!! Too bad I can't taste the dish, but she did send the pictures thru email. Gosh...her picture of the Sweet & Sour Pork, really make my Saturday night a wonderful evening. She also make rice dumpling for the coming festival and tooks some pictures of it. Thank you, laopo... Muckss...really really miss you and love ya!!!!!

My favourite Sweet n Sour Pork, Yummilicous!!!

Rice dumpling!!! So many!!

Rice dumpling looks very very appetizing!!!

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