Monday, June 18, 2007

My Wife, the Star Wars Fanatic

Did you know that my second wife is a hardcore Star Wars fanatic? She always talk like Yoda one!!! Haizzz... Always said the force maybe with me lar, or said that she left her lightsaber at home. Hehehhee... So last Friday evening, when we went to Cineleisure to watch Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer, we passed by this shop or cafe which have lots of Star Wars gadgets and toys. The cafe is directly in front of the escalator from the second floor, just beside the cinema.

At the time, the cafe was screening a video on "Ryan vs Dorkman", a short video on 2 people fighthing with lightsaber. My second wife found the video very very nice and awesome as she first time watch this video. The sound of the lightsaber really gets her going. ROFL, so I could not help myself to tease her for not knowing this video as she is the HARDCORE Star Wars fanatic.

So on the next day, she MSN me, told me she already found out the video and watch it already. She also mention that there is a second version of "Ryan vs Dorkman". I watched both of them, their lightsaber fighthing choreography is intense and fast, the multiple usage of force, and the fear of losing arms and limbs to the lightsaber is awesome. Please click
here to visit their website on youtube for more informations. Hope you guys, the Star Wars fanatic really love this videos. ENJOY IT.

Ryan vs Dorkman 1

Ryan vs Dorkman 2


cc said...

Very cool videos, I like how they messed up the wall in second part. Super cool! Love the 'shing'-'shing'-'shing' lightsaber fight in star wars.

k u k u j i o a m a n said...

Shing-shing thing is the best!!! You can feel the adrenalin rush!!hehehehe