Saturday, June 30, 2007

TRANSFORMERS Rocks My World!!!

Why rocks my world? Means that you have not watch TRANSFORMERS the movie!! If you watched already just like me, you will understand how I felt!!! TRANSFORMERS, one of the most anticipated movie of 2007, really awesome and jaw-dropping movie. Yesterday evening, HHTHJM, my second wife, my other 9 colleagues and me armed with our movie tickets, that we got last Wednesday, marched into the cinema with high hopes and much anticipation without looking back. The movie did not fail to entertain us from the start till the end of the movie. LOVE IT. Non-stop action. Hilarious. Packed with punches. Gosh... the movie was so good I nearly cum in my fucking pants at the cinema. The esctasy due to climax of the movie is unbelieveable. Hehehehe... I love the scene where Sam Witwicky (Shia LaBeouf) drives Mikaele Banes (Megan Fox) home with Bumblebee playing matchmaker and the Autobots playing hide and seek with Sams' parents in their garden.

Watching car, jeep, truck, helicopter, tank, truck transform into robots with the sound effects was TOTALLY FUCKING AWESOME especially when Optimus Prime make his first appearance and transform. Did you all know that the voice of the Optimus Prime in this movie was
Peter Cullen, the original voice of the Autobots leader 20 years ago? Michael Bay and Stephen Speilberg really did a spectacular work. SALUTE.

I think TRANSFORMERS in the best movie I had ever watched for this year beating Spiderman 3 and POTC3. I'm keeping my finger crossed that
Die Hard 4 and Harry Potter will meet up the fans' expectations. Highly recommended movie for this year, doesn't matter if you are the fan of TRANSFORMER or not. Sure keng one this movie, if not come look for me, I will pay for your tickets lar. Heheheheh.... I give 11 of 10 for this movie. Thumbs up!!!

Optimus Prime at Cineleisure

After the movie, we headed down to the Curve to look for dinner and our Digi taikor, G, decided we dine at Dragon-I restaurant before we head home. Food and environment was okay nia but their service was good.

Come, come, we eat at Dragon-I, follow our Digi taikor...

All already starving especially the lady in blue...

No food geh???!!

Ordering lor!!!!(Our Digi taikor in red T-shirt)

Faster order lar...diuuuu...!!!

Dragon-I tissue..

Ok, I want to order shark fin, lobster fried rice, bla-bla...

Food!!! At last, we can eat!!! Itatakimasu..

p/s: Too bad my seventh wife cannot join me for TRANSFORMER because she is sick. Hope she get well soon!!


cc said...

Awesome Awesome movie! Btw, the food's pretty lowsy, seriously.

k u k u j i o a m a n said...

cc: Yaya...110% agreed with you!! The food ar, no complain lar... I like the fish, quite yummilicous!!! Hahaha... next time I bring go eat mamak!!! Deal!!!