Saturday, June 16, 2007

Shopping Survival Kit, How to Shop Like an Expert

Today is the first day of Mega Sales Carnival and I already having anxiety and nausea!!! The feeling is so scary when I know I gonna burns holes in my pocket. Married with seven wives means shooping lists and budgets go up seven times for me... GOD, please save me and I'm gonna praying hard that all my seven wives spare me some changes in the end!!!

Hahahhahahah....... no lar....just joking, to all my seven wives, you all should enjoy it and spend it!!! But please, I beg you all, please spend wisely if not we need to get another storeroom to keep all the stuffs and lastly, remember to get me something after all the shopping spree!!! Mucksss... Love you all...!! Happy shopping!!

I found this article from The Sun, about how to shop like an expert. Hope this will help my wives shop wisely. and learn
how to brave the sale and come out unscathed with this wise buyer guide.

THE NIGHT BEFORE: If you want to shop smart, there’s only one rule to follow – be prepared. Organise your shopping gear the night before, not in the morning because things can go wrong – you oversleep; while sleeping, you whack your alarm clock so hard that it smashes into the wall and doesn’t wake you up; your mother refuses to let you leave the house until you tidy your room.

If you’re planning to buy up the entire women’s floor, wear a tight-fitting top and a loose bottom like a tank top and flared skirt. This way, you can still try on blouses and slip on pants in front of the mirror as you won’t always have the time to queue for the changing room.

Don’t guess your size. Try on everything because the same size in one shop might be different in another. And if the shoe doesn’t fit now, it’s not going to fit later. Don’t fool yourself into thinking it’ll stretch. The same goes with clothes.

Carry a sling bag or a pouch so you’ll have both your hands free to rummage through discount bins. Take a pocket calculator to do the math. Some price tags reflect the original price while others show the discounted price.

Do your own calculation to make sure you’re getting a good deal.

Make a list of what you own and what you need so that you don’t end up buying what you don’t need. A list helps you stay focused, especially if sales have a way of turning you into a shopping gremlin.

9 a.m.: Get a head start. The early shopper catches the best buys. Plus, you get to park where you want – right next to the lift so that you don’t have to break your back hauling enough clothes, shoes and bags to last you until the next Mega Sale.

10 a.m.:
Scouring the sales section is like approaching a war zone. You need to strategise before you advance, so you don’t end up wishing you could take back the loot. Strike sections where bargains are most likely to be snapped up before attacking less populated areas, otherwise you’ll end up with someone else’s leftovers.

Noon: Have lunch really early or very late so that you don’t have to fight with the crowd over food. After all, you already have to fight them for clothes. Take this opportunity to recuperate and rest your tired legs before you resume your shopping marathon. Nearing lunch time, the pace starts to slow down as people get distracted by growling stomachs and the smell of good food. Take advantage of this period to shop in peace before the lunch crowd returns.

12.30 p.m.: So, you’re back after a quick lunch. Check your goods before you pay for them. Return policies don’t apply to sales merchandise, so make sure everything is in order before you surrender your lot to the cashier.

2 p.m.: If your load is getting heavy, dump your shopping in the car so you don’t accidentally drop a few plastic bags. Don’t let the sale sign blind you temporarily. Give yourself a budget and keep it. Stick to basics and avoid anything too trendy unless it’s cheap enough to consider a disposable item. Don’t buy something just because it’s on sale. A good buy is useless if you don’t or can’t wear it. Don’t accept a damaged item just because it’s a good deal, other than that tiny tear or missing button. Sales are no excuse for sacrificing quality.

4 p.m.: You should be done with your shopping by now. Give yourself a coffee break or a reflexology stop while you take stock of what you’ve bought. If you’ve kept to your list but want to add a few extras, go ahead, you deserve it. If you’ve happily discarded your list and gone crazy with your credit card, now is a good time to call it quits before the bank threatens to cancel yourcard. But shopping is meant to be fun, so do enjoy yourself and happy shopping!


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