Saturday, June 30, 2007

Do You Have A Balanced Life?

Do you have a well balanced life? Often I asked myself whether I have a well balanced life. Do you? Everyday just work, work and work nia till we come the slave of this globalization. Yesterday, I received a forwarded from my secret lover regarding the Balance Sheet of Life and I would like to share with you all. Take a moment to ponder on it. Thank you, my secret lover!!! I know you are also tied up with your work and having a hell time with it. But don't worry, I will be by your side. Cheersss...

Balance Sheet of Life

Our birth is the Opening Balance
Our death is the Closing Balance
Our prejudiced views are our Liabilities
Our creative ideas are our Assets
Heart is our Current Asset
Soul is our Fixed Asset
Brain is our Fixed Deposit
Thinking is our Current Account
Achievements are our Capital
Character & morals are our Stock-in-Trade ( Inventory )
Friends are our General Reserves
Values & corresponding behavior are our Goodwill
Patience is our Interest Earned
Love is our Dividend
Children are our Bonus Issues
Education is Brands and Patents
Knowledge is our Investment
Experience is our Premium Account
The aim is to tally the Balance Sheet accurately
The goal is to win the " Best-Presented Accounts Award "

p/s: Secret Lover, when want to call me out to pak tor? Miss you le!! Hehehehe....


secret lover said...

thanks dear... m so touch with ur post... knowing there's someone to back me up! miss you too... muakss :)

k u k u j i o a m a n said...

so when want go out dating?? sry lately my streamyx down!! has been down since last sunday!! suckss..