Tuesday, December 25, 2007



It's 12 am now!!! Wish you a Merry Christmas!!! Guess what?? I'm too free... so I mah blog lor, later HHTHJM say I lazy pig pulak. Hahahaha.. Down with flu, maybe fever later. Alone in my cosy little room with ambiance orange light. Just loving it. Rather than all the mumbo jumbo I need to go thru get a place to celebrate Christmas. This year Christmas will be one slow and quiet for me and family. With the rain just stop. Wet, wet and wet everywhere. What a better things to do than stay at home and celebrate with family. The warmness and love are totally awesomeness... Ho! Ho! Ho!

Shoppers walk at Christmas illuminated Kurfuerstendamm boulevard in Berlin. Berliners are making their last shopping a day before Christmas eve.

An employee dressed as Santa Claus feeds fishes in a tank at an ocean aquarium in Yokohama, Japan.

Jason Schwenke is towed by a Christmas wreath-decorated sea scooter in the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary off Key Largo, Florida, December 20, 2007. During the holiday season, Schwenke is donning a Santa Claus suit and submerging providing divers an opportunity to be photographed underwater with "St. Nick" in exchange for donations to a local children's center.

A little boy with a jelly bag cap looks at a giant golden Christmas tree in a shopping mall in Berlin.

A Syrian boy dressed as Santa Claus takes part in a march to celebrate Christmas in Damascus.

Syrian children dressed as Santa Claus hold candles as they take part in a march to celebrate Christmas in Damascus.

Kyrgyz schoolchildren return home after taking part in 'The Best Santa' contest in the village of Tash-Moinok, 30 kilometers (19 miles) north from the capital Bishkek. Santa Claus has become more popular in the predominantly Muslim Central Asian republic and some Swedish experts insist Santa should have his home based somewhere in the mountainous ex-Soviet state because it is the only place from which he can reach on time every home on earth during the short Christmas period.

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