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Heroes Volume 2: What Change, Volume 3: What's Next


Well, well to all my beloved kukujiaoman fans who are also Heroes Fans, so 24 hours later and many of us still have several questions about both Volume 2 and Volume 3. I got this very reliable source just provided me with some insight on what was changed during Volume 2 and what is currently planned for Volume 3. So hopefully some of my questions and concerns will be answered too...

Of course with the writer's strike in effect any thing can happen and the following info is some evidence of what happens behind the scenes with the writers and their plans.

As most of us know, Volume 2 was heavily criticized by the fans and Tim Kring even apologized vowing to make the end of Volume 2 better and promised that Volume 3 will be even better. Thus, leading to script re-writes and also a alternate ending because of the strike allowing for Sylar to return.

NOTE: These changes occurred for various reasons

What was Changed During Volume 2:
  1. Kristen Bell was originally suppose to be in 8 episodes and then killed off but due to fan support they are keeping her around for a bit longer
  2. Elle was setup as a Bob's step daughter and the daughter of Meredith which in turn would have been Claire's SISTER but they dropped it due to lack of storyline and plot holes.
  3. Stephen Tobolowsky (Bob) also had a slightly different story, he was supposed to be more evil then he is now and even recruited his SON WEST to make Claire turn against her father this was dropped early in Volume 2 for "various reasons".
Woahhhhh!!!, can't believe Claire was going to be Elle's sister as Kristen Bell almost leaked when she was signed on to the cast and I never saw that West would be Bob's Son, but it did feel like he was sent to watch Claire early on. Also, it did feel like Bob was planned to be this big EVIL character and then they backed off.

Okay now for what many of us want to know....the current direction for Heroes Vloume 3: VILLAINS. Please do keep in mind nothing has been written and all of this is the "current" plan the writers have for the show. There is plenty of things that can change between now and well whenever the show returns. MAJOR POSSIBLE SPOILERS AHEAD, BEWARE!!!

The Current Plan for Heroes Volume 3:
  1. Ali Larter will return to the show (as Kristin at E!Online has already reported) but are planning to wrap up her storyline up in Volume 3. *Yippeee!!!*
  2. Micah's storyline will end also. *Oh no, no more I can talk to them thingie*
  3. David Anders (Adam) will return and will meet a new friend. * Cool, join forces with Sylar?*
  4. Adrian Pasdar (Nathan) well thats it up to the fans and he "might be back so don't worry."
  5. Zachary Quinto (Sylar) will be more bad ass then ever and when we come back he will kill a star on the show. *AWESOMENESS!!! Total baddass *
  6. Villains is the start of something bigger for Heroes and hopefully it will be more fast pace then Generations (Volume 2). *Yeahh... let them kick some asses!!!*
YATTA!!! Cool!!! Seems Tim Kring is gonna put some mojo back to Heroes for next season. Hopefully a darker storylines for the Superhero genre so can have Adam and Sylar will be back terrorizing the Heroes. Also, there are other rumors floating around that Ali Larter's evil alter ego Jessica will be a part of the Volume and not Niki.

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cc said...

I like Nikki/Jessica and I'm glad if she comes back but I guess it might make sense for her character to leave or have a conclusion too... I'm totally ok if West doesn't come back. I think his performance is the weakest in the show (besides Claire's brother)