Sunday, December 09, 2007

Best AFP Photos 2007

Wafaa Hussein, an Iraqi mother, tries to wake up her 6-year-old son who is already dead in northeast Bagdad, September 16. The boy was shot aboard a public bus by a stray bullet.

Four criminals are hanged in a city, 950 km south of Teheran, September 5, 2007. A total of 21 criminals were hanged that day in Iran.

A plane drops water to woods in flames, July 25, 2007. The southeast Europe wrapped by heat waves became very combustible.

DPRK leader Kim Jong-Il (R) with South Korean president Roh Moo-hyun at the Inter-Korean summit, October 3.

A little boy faces a professional Sumo athlete, in Hawaii, June 10, 2007.

Sudan's capital Khartoum is attacked by sandstorm, April 29, 2007.

A Muslim woman wawls on a coffin, July 11, 2007, at a funeral held for 465 Bosnian Muslims.

Rescuers are saving a man from mud, in Chittagong, Bangladesh, June 12, 2007. Chittagong was attacked by mudslides.

Sevilla's atttacker Frederic Kanoute falls down in a game against Villarreal, Janunary 20, 2007.

French master Pierre Cardin holds 2008 Spring-Summer Fashion Exhibition in Dunhuang desert, Northwest China's Gansu Province, October 20, 2007.

Indian Muslims pray in a mosque in Delhi during the Corban, October 14.

An Iranian man waves final good-bye to his relatives before being hanged, in Teheran, August 2, 2007. Two men were hanged for murdering a judge in 2005. This was the first time Iran had implemented hanging in public since 2002.

A veterinary's arm dripping in a crocodile's mouth in southern Taiwan, China, April 11, 2007. The veterinary's arm was bitten off while he was treating the injured crocodile.

Former Pakistani Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto comforts her supporters in a pray in Karachi, October 21, 2007. A suicide attack took place when Bhutto was returning there.

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