Monday, December 03, 2007

Lat Jiao (Spicy) Pan Mee at Restaurant Super Kitchen

Last Thursday, dunno what wrong with me, I decide to go KL from dinner. *fainted* The journey took almost 1 hour due to the massive traffic and unnecessary roadblock by our gaoment on the Hindraf rally. Called GS out since I promised her yesterday for dinner.


Asked her to bring me to have Lat Jiao Pan Mee since her office is nearby there. I parked my car at her office and walked to the restaurant. The road where Restaurant Super Kitchen and Kin Kin situated looked quite desert and dark maybe it is late evening. GS recommend that we try out Super Kithchen as she dislike eating at Kin Kin because a bit dirty and shoddy. Normally, people would have gone to the famous Kin Kin Pan Mee, but hey what the heck, ladies do first, so I let GS to decide and give Restaurant Super Kitchen just across the road a chance to prove their worth.

The kitchen was right front of the shop, ala Hong Kong style restaurant. Nice and bright environment unlike Kin Kin. I think their business is more on during lunch hour. Just 2 tables were occupied. My table and other table with Rela personal. Their service was fast and friendly with a smile. We ordered 2 dried Lat Jiao Pan Mee (no big or small size, standard size!!!) and the food came within a few minutes. The pan mee was totally awesome!!! The spiciness of the dried chillies make me sweat profusely. No doubt it is total awesomeness. Pan mee with inced pork, anchovies, egg and a bowl of soup. The price for a pan mee was so-so nia, maybe KL's price kua. Kekeke.. overall, yummilicous and will come back for more as I know the place jor!!!

After dinner, we walked and I send GS back to her office as she need to continue her work as her manager also waiting for pan mee tapau hot from there!!! Thanks GS!!! BTW, KL has a really beautiful night view with KLCC standing magnificently!!!

p/s: Look at the last picture. It is a map drawn by my beloved second wife!!! She drew the map using MS Paint in a few minutes. *saluted* Will bring her for Lat Jiao Pan Mee next time, let her numb her tongue with the spiciness!!!


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