Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Princess of My Dream...

She was Princess of My Dream, " Puteri Impian" during my secondary. My adorable princess. My Christmas eve was so-so as I'm down with flu and sitting behind my laptop counting down for Christmas. She came online and we chat. Found out her grandmother just passed away. My condolences to her and her family. WTF with this month!!! Seems so many people passed away one...!!! Damn it!!! Somemore on the month of my birthday!!! She told me that no movies for her within 100 days. *fainted*

Anyway, she dated me out to 1U. Whoaa... great and sweet!!! She and her colleagues need to get attires for their annual dinner with traditional theme. Unsure at first. Shy maybe but HHTHJM insisted to go out with her. So I did. Was late as need to run some errands. Traffic was sucks to the max. Finding car park was a tedious and fucking lame thing to do when you were late for appointment. Found the freaking car park after 30mins!!! Damn it and lucky!!! Hahahaha!!! Met her and her colleagues at the concourse. She was there. Adorable with the sweetest smile I ever seen been before. Thank god she still recognize me. She say I still look fat so that why she know that is me. -_- Had lunch at SOHO. Chat, laugh and get know SJ and May more. Both nice ladies. Felt the warmness both of them gave me, as I been knowing them quite sometime. Found out SJ know JL and Jayce in SkalaBebas. Nice to meet May and SJ!!! Didn't got chance to talk to her with her colleague tag along. Don't mind actually. Believe my chances with her alone will pop up in matter of time. Went around hunting for their attires.

Guess what!!! Chances did came. Lady luck was looking down on me. Her colleagues already got tickets for movies!!!! Gosh!!! I was happy with a big smile my freaking face. We walked. We chatted. We laughed at each other jokes. Took a break and continuing walked and shopping as it was raining outside. Yeah, lady luck really was on my side. Sweetest moment ever!!! Sent her to get her car outside as it is still drizzling. Too bad our dinner plan scrapped. Maybe next time. Overall, the outing was so-so, coz both of us went back empty-handed. The crowd was terrible. People mountain, people sea. The sweet thing is I went out with her for the first time!!! And we chat, chat and chat!!! Awesomeness. Yeah, I did not have the guts to do that last time... few years ago. Her smile still never fail to mesmerize me. Still the same adorable and cute princess of my dream...

p/s: Unrelated to this story. Maybe it does a little. I learned why men are born. We, MEN are BORN to became slave when WOMEN do SHOPPPING!!!! Hahahaa... i think this year, I have tagged along with many fine ladies to do shopping. Gain quite many knowledge in shopping also. Hahahaha...!!! Found out women has more choices in term of clothing compare to men. And theirs are more freaking cheaper compare to us!!! Damn it!!!



Cocka Doodle said...

Happy Boxing day, kukujiao man...and wishing you a great start to 2008!
But be careful where you stick that kukujiao hor? Hahahahha!!!

cc said...

oho, go dating with other women!!! hahaha~ luckily I didn't go become light bulb!