Friday, December 14, 2007

All I Want For Christmas!!! A Dog??

All I want for CHRISTMAS is a USB Humping Dog!!! Want to flirt with that new colleague? Or are you too shy to reveal your inner most desires to that sizzling hot slapper that you're sitting next to in Starbuck? Well, don't fret, for the USB Humping Dog from Japanese studio (where the hell else you did expect it come from) Cubeworks is here to save the day. Simply plug this little soldier's aptly located, eermm..., jack into a free, hehehehehe..., slot, sit back and let him get jiggy. You'll soon be reaping rewards from his expertly sown seeds or get a big fat slap to your face. THINGS TO NOTE: And you thought the Energizer bunny was the only one who kept going, and going, and going... Unfortunately, your pooch knows only one position!!! Hahahahha!!!! As you might already guess, this device will keep humping until you pull the plug off. Super cool!!! Check out the videos below or here.

Not 1, not 2 but how about watching 4 very horny USB Humping Dogs...

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