Monday, January 28, 2008

Who Move My MILK!!! I WANT MILK!!!!

Where is my MILK??!!! Who moved my MILK??!!! I WANT MILK!!! I MISS MY MILK!!! Some give me MILK!!! I want my nen nen!!! Must be the Monday BLUES bug corrupting my brain. Anyway, last weekend was a blast!!! But Mum already start to nag about me treating my home like a hotel!!! Wakakaka... Sorry Mum, will make up to you during Chinese New Year!!! I will stick to you like glue!!! Muacksss... I guess juggling between spending quality time with family, friends, beloved wives and special someone ain't easy job since we all have 24 hours nia. But what heck, I love spending quality times with people that I cared respect about. It is all about relationship!!! Year 2008 started quite well for me or much better than I expected. High, strong and energetic. Just hope I won't neglect others feeling along the way as we all have our own priorities. Maybe it just me nia. Hating the feeling of uncertainty along the way. Jeezz... talking crap again.


Ok, let's cut the crap. Last week, I accompanied my friend to our Malaysia Post Office at Kelana Jaya to apply for a P.O. box. Guess what, it is quite cheap. RM30 for registration and RM50 yearly to maintain it. Actually, it is was my first time. NO LAR NOT FIRST TIME VISIT POST OFFICE. You think I so jakun meh. It was my first time see how a post office operates. If I not mistake the Kelana branch was main post office for that district but it took me by surprise that they still do it the old school way. Sorting it manually and no much usage of PCs around the office. And you can simply walk in and out of the post office without any authorization. Cool right? Hahahahha...


Last Friday, DD and her mum came over to Malaysia. She was my superior counterpart from Austin, USA. At last, I got to meet her after spending 1 over year hearing my seniors talking about her. Nice and lively person. As a good host will do, our dept decide to have dinner at Marche, Curve with DD and her mum. Her mum is Japanese. She is 70++ years old but she one hell of bubbly old lady. Hahahah.. had fun listen to her crap and stories. Dinner was fun and it is blast. DD took honor to treat us for our hardwork and gave us souvenir as a token of appreciation. SWWEETTTT!!! Thanks, DD and her mum. Shit, I forgot her name jor. Before we san band, she hugged me and warned me said she will be watching me just exactly the same as what Robert De Niro did to Ben Stiller in Meet the Parents!!! NO DOUBT, I lived up to my reputation as SI LAI SAT SOU!!! Wakakakaka!!!


Then next day, early early wake up need to babysit my heng tai from Seremban, KF. After a long email chains back and forth, as last we got together to shop for our CNY clothes. I waiting for him nia, if not I long long time buy jor. Where to get this kind of heng tai!!! Somemore came late, I waited at his sister's place for more than hour due to accident along the highway. Lucky, he treated me for dinner. Actually, he have to coz his char gor, SS was there. Hahahhahaa!!! Anyway, both us got all what we want for CNY. I think he terlebih buy till over budget and cilaka him for getting same shirt. Already warned him not to come KL with that shirt!!! Wakakaka... We did our shopping at Midvalley, Gardens and 1U. I nearly broke my legs!!! Damn it, lucky not in high heels!!! It was a tiring outing. And it was raining, so the plan with her to NZX was cancel. Lucky!!! Went over ti Subang for yam cha before going home and dozed off to my dreamland...

Guess what, I went back to 1U again on the next day. Yeahh.. 1U is my second home. No wonder Mum is not happy with that!!! Wakakakakak!!! Caught a glimpse of the lion dance at 1U. The place was packed compared to Saturday. After dinner at Paddington Pancake House on her treat, it was raining again and we did not make it NZX for the second time!!! Hahahaha... BTW, thank you for the dinner!!! :P

So now I'm officially broke!!! Spending hundreds on my faithful car on maintenance, I think she getting old lioa and a few more hundreds on CNY clothing!!! Money, money, moeny, where all my money go!!! Hahahahah.... Anyway, GONG XI FA CHAI lor..!!!! CNY is just around the corner. Hopefully this year will be blissful for me and you folks out there!!! Hopefully we all get rat-arsed well this year!!! STILL SUFFERING FROM POST SHOPPING SYNDROME!!! Damn it!!!

BTW, check the below movie trailer, Never Back Down. Lazy to blog a new post on it. It is all about freestyle fighting!!! Should be awesome. It is about a rebellious teen is lured into an underground fight club, where he finds a mentor in a mixed martial arts veteran.

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cc said...

1) DD's mom also came? Wow. I've heard from my ATX manager that DD is like her mom, both very geng in telling stories. What souvenir she gave you ar...
2) So that's the black stipe shirt. not bad mah, make you look slimmer... hehe.
3) wat's NZX?
4) I want SHOPPING TOO! new year that time should be good time since everyone's gone, YATTA!