Thursday, January 03, 2008

Dance Dance Resolution 2008

Hahaha... this is not about Dance Dance Revolution you play on PS2, this is about my dance dance resolution for year 2008. Get it? Hahahhaa... Guess what!!! My first movie I watched at 2008 was Alien & Predator 2 (AVP2). Isn't it life is so beautiful? CRAP!!! Hahaha... I did not thought I will ever watch this kind of movie at cinema and I did!!! Hahahaha... the movie was slow with lame and typical storyline. It sucks till my second wife fascinating about HEROES vs AVP!!! *fainted* Actually, we (Me, HHTHJM and my second wife) were accompany JG for this movie. He was into it and don't ask me why!!! Hahaha.. actually it just an excuse for us to get away from our freaking mad and tormented workload at office. Although the movie was so-so, I think we had a blast from this outing. We chat and talk cock a lot. Shared our problems (actually I was listening more, WAKAKAKA!!!) and laugh at each others stupid and cold JOKES!!!

On the way home, HHTHJM and my second wife decided to have me to go clubbing with them and get me drunk for year 2008. So that's how my dance dance resolution came out. I'm not sure how we got to this topics. I actually did not join them most of the time when there is an outing for clubbing. Uncomfortable? Uneasy? Bla bla? I got my own reasons for it. Don't want to dwell on it much. Later kena screwed by my second wife and HHTHJM for talking big again. IT'S TIME FOR ME TO WALK THE TALK this year!!! Yeah... DANCE DANCE RESOLUTION 2008!!! Check out my last round of clubbing at Scarlett, Curve. Nice place to hang and shake that booty!!!

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cc said...

ok, we've got black and white here liao. You dun ffk!