Sunday, January 13, 2008

Sunway Sighthings

Sunway is defenitely gearing up to become the next Mutiara Damansara. Yet another club/bar opens at Sunway Pyramid's new wing, in the spot that connects the mall to Sunway Lagoon. The new place is called Bar Celona and will have a Spanish theme. Bar-celona geddit?

Friendster Cafe, yes the one at Damansara Perdana, will soon be opened in Sunway Pyramid as well.

Now that Laundry has established itself as one of the most popular venue for live contemporary music and The Apartment seems to be making a name for itself as a bar and restaurant, the people behind both establishments are working on their next project. Called Republic and located in the new wing of Sunway Pyramid, the bar will once again be next to an Italianees restaurant. From the looks of it, however it looks have its won distinct identity, one that proprietor Petrina Roach says is inspired by opulence and decadence. Expect cocktails with plenty of local flavors like lychee, longans, and gula Melaka. Republic is tentatively expected to open its door before Chinese New Year.

Meanwhile, at the nearby Sunway Lagoon Resort Hotel, our city's city Ministry of Sound frachise will be opening its doors around the same time. Called Euphoria, the club will take over the space once known as Arena. According to Sunway, which holds the franchise, the club planning for a March 2008 opening.

BTW, my last trip to Sunway Pyramid, I found out Q-Bar is closed. Saw the interiors were scrapped and some demolition on going. Now sure whether it is been renovated and refurnish or make way for new bar or clubhouse.


Anonymous said...

i, do i know you? i adore your words on her. and republics my new baby. thanks for noticing.

petrina roach

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Hello... thanks...