Monday, January 07, 2008

Advertlets FUCK Me Hard Over The Weekend

Haizz... Guess what?!!! ADVERTLETS FUCK ME HARD OVER THE WEEKEND!!! Did notice about till some of my beloved wives SMS and MSN me about, telling my website got virus!!! My kukujiaoman fans went nutty coz they cannot browse my website!!! (actually this did not happen, just want exaggerate a bit mah) Wakaka... but hey, Josh Lim, people telling me not support you always, but hey I don't mind support you although people you sucks to the max. But now you screw KKJM for good, bro. So go fly kite lar!!! Somemore, I only know how to play with my kkj nia and I'm IT dumbass. Spent over few hours trying to revive my website!!! Rather than going out dating with my wives!!! That's it lar...!!! Don't want to talk cock too much!!! So ADVERLETS, you guys better get your acts together before get FUCK AGAIN and AGAIN!!! Hahahahaha....Anyway folks, PLEASE DO REMOVE ALL YOUR ADVERTLETS CODE to avoid the re-direction!!!

While Josh Lim was busy talking to The Star about transforming Malaysia into an animation hub, someone over at his company, Josh Lim and Associates, conveniently forgot to renew the domain name for their much publicized Advertlets blog advertising system. The inconvenience to the masses was that since Advertlets uses a javascript implementation to publish their ads (the code is part of the page for those who don't speak geek), all the sites that had the Advertlets code also became inaccessible or were redirected to a domain expired page. There are about two hundred blog entries about the boo-boo according to technorati. (sorry we're not putting up the blog links because the last time we did, it caused the particular blog to get shutdown for using too much bandwidth!) The domain name has already been renewed, but only for a year. We'll probably have a similar entry again next year. What we don't seem to understand is the domain would only cost around USD10 at most to renew a year, why not just renew it for 10 years and save everyone the trouble?


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