Wednesday, January 02, 2008


HAPPY NEW YEAR 2008!!! Long story short, had steamboat dinner with friends and colleagues. Watch FIREWORKS at the Curve. Yam cha at SS2. And lastly, Happy New Year call with her. The other small details, you guys and girls go figure it out yourself. Oh yeah, before I forget, nice to meet you, Emily and May (Emily's sister). You look gorgeous that day!!! Mmmmhhhhhhh.... talking about new year resolution, I personally think it is crap. Resolution is not necessary to be made when new year mah!!! Anything time also can lar... Diu!!! Somemore most of the resolutions sure cannot achieve by end of the year. SAI HEI!!! Hahaha... my resolution? Everyday and time me got new resolution. Hahahhaa!!! All my resolutions related to my family foremost and friends around me. Friends, hahahaha... I think year 2007 I made quite a bunch of friends, males and females!!! Nice to meet you guys and girls outthere.... Over and out from kkjm from year 2007!!! Let's move our ass over to year 2008!!! Hopefully a better year for me and you all!!! Nite nite... Check out the fireworks at Curve below... tell me nice or not...ok?

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happy new year~