Sunday, January 20, 2008

New Proton Saga a.k.a. Proton BLM

Still remember when Dad got the green Proton Saga back those days, me and Sister were damn excited and proud. Hahaha.. somemore, my family is a hardcore supporter for Proton cars. Wakakaka... as I'm driving my beloved and trustworthy Proton Wira. Guess what, she just came back from workshop. Another hefty sum of money saying bye bye to me!!! Damn it... ok don't dwell on money. Talk more about lagi sakit hati about it. The new Proton Saga a.k.a. Proton BLM replacing our first national car Proton Saga, was... how to said.. it does impressed me very much. I mean it is a decent car for less than RM40K. Only that the car is only 1.3 since I has been driving 1.5 since ages. Not sure about it's performance. I did thought of getting this car for Dad since his or should it is mine Proton Saga gonna RIP dunno which day nia. Dad still skeptical with the Campro engine by Proton. He rather stick to the old Saga although I did offer to pay for him in cash!!! Too bad, Dad. My offer stands on that day nia. Once a life a time offer from your obedience kkjm. Wakakaka...

So last Friday, on the way sending CM back home, we passed by the Proton showroom along the Kesas Highway and decided to take a look at the New Proton Saga and what the hu-ha is all about. It was almost 12 am, and guess what the showroom still open!!! Wakakaka... new broom sweeps well? Bluek!!! Check out the photos below I took with my trustworthy N70 before I send CM back to TSM.... So anyone plan to get the New Proton Saga??? At least let me test drive lar... wakakakkaa!!! Check out at also!!!

Proton showroom at midnight... got jaga open the door somemore... KENG...

New Proton Saga...

Aiyo... dunno which auntie blocking my view... BLUEk!!!

The boot... quite spacious...

The dashboard still look plastic but better compare to Gen2 or Persona...

Campro engine... reliable?

Red fiery Saga... does it look like Vios or....

LoL... nothing to say!!!

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