Friday, September 14, 2007

Heroes: Volume Two, episode 1, 2, 3, and 4: SPOILERS!

The National Enquirer just dropped the H (Heroes) bomb as spoilers goes, and they cover the first four episodes of Heroes Volume Two. Who is the mysterious Bob? Which hero can shoot electricity from his hands? Who is Molly’s “boogeyman”?

Read it, or just wait 10 days. If you like spoilers, you will love these.


Episode One “Four months later”

Mohinder is approached by a strange guy named Bob, who offers him a job with a mysterious company. Mohinder realises the company is his enemy and trying to penetrate the orginization. Claire nearly gets run over by her new boyfriend West, who she later learns can fly. She has a run in with head cheerleader Debbie, does a backflip- and breaks a bone, she then uses her powers to heal herself.

Episode Two “Lizards”

Peter was captured by Irish criminals in the seasons premiere, has amnesia and has to re-discover his powers. He has a love intrest Caitlin the daughter of Ricky, the leader of a criminal gang. Hiro’s father is killed by being thrown off a rooftop by a stranger who jumps off the roof with him, but disappears before they hit the ground. Hiro travels back in time and impersonates his hero, Takezo and, and using his power to stop time he disarms 11 bandits. Hiro falls in love with the swordsmith’s daughter but steps aside so his hero Takeo can fufill his destiny.

Episode 3 “Kindred”

Saylar is still alive.. he kills Candice Wilmer who had rescued him, but then to his shock -he loses his powers. Peter is forced to help the criminals with a robbery and saves the gangsters by levitating an armoured car and hurling it at the guards. He discovers he has powers of shooting electricity from his hands and telekinesis. Suresh saves the dying Haitian by injecting him with his blood. Niki joins the evil company.

Episode 4 “The Kindness of Strangers”

A new hero (Dana Davis) has the power to replicate any physical motion. She foils a stick-up man by snatching his gun and flooring him with a double backflip she once saw during a wrestling show. American students Derek and Maya find Sylar lying face down in the Mexican desert and rescue him. He tells them his name is Gabriel Gray and seems willing to help them but secretly kills Derek at a gas station. Molly’s “boogeyman” turns out to be the mysterious Bob from the company , who is actually Matt’s father.


cc said...

hookay, fortunately I scroll real fast and didn't read a single spoiler. Just one more week to go!

k u k u j i o a m a n said...

cc: Lol... scroll fast fast lor.. next time, i put big big... no matter how also can see one!!! wakaka... *evil grin*