Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Dilemma as A Malaysian...

I presume the election is just around the corner. Not sure about that. Is it true? Recently, saw many other parties pulling voters, asking them to register for those who have not at pasar malam. I, myself still have not register. Paiseh paiseh!!! I always have this assumpation or thinking that one vote from me doesn't make any much different or whether it will cause landslide victory to a certain party. I think our current government already has this election victory in thier pocket. No doubt. It not a surprise, since they are doing a good job in running and maintaining the stability of this country.

But something did knock my head and make me think again whether should I exploit my right as a voter. Rumours been going around. Not sure how true is the rumours. Keeping my fingers cross, hope these rumours untrue!!! Heard Proton has already sold to Volkswagen but the news held back till after election. But dunno true or not. In addition, there will be increases in our fuel and tol fee after the election, although the
world oil prices has drop to around 80 dollars per barrel. Really hope this untrue. With our current paid and standard cost of living, it will cause a major setback to our country. Geez... Talking craps again... Must be my insomia think of my workload is getting to me. Wakaka... anyway, this is just my opinion from my point of view. So you guys and gals, already register to be a voter for this upcoming election?

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