Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Angelic Driver from HELL!!!

I think you guys drive to work everyday or drive around to get to somewhere. During my years of driving in Malaysia roads, I used to see various cars with various stickers or shoutout tags. The stickers or shoutout tags that caught my eyes are mostly the religion or belief type. "I Love Jesus", "Amitabha Buddha", and the list goes on. I not been racist or what so ever, I do respect thier belief and religion. But they are just freaking hypocrite!!! No doubt!!! Not my first time encoutered this type of drivers!!!

Like yesterday, on the Federal highway, this Kembara was tailgating me closely while we doing 130km/h and twice tried to overtake me from the left but failed!!! Hahahaha!!! Lastly, I let the Kembara thru, and saw sticker and shouttag, "I Love Jesus" and "Jesus is our Lord". Geez... just that don't show off your belief here and there but you drive like driver from hell!!! Ok back to work... just crap and ranting while snaking in the early meeting.


cc said...

wow, that is so true! go run them down!

MD said...

maybe he/she is in a rush due to emergency or something. how do u know?

k u k u j i o a m a n said...

cc: Lol... Ganasnya!!!
md: Maybe, maybe... You so bad, make me think myself so bad person!!!