Friday, September 14, 2007

Declaration of Independence Paper

Everyday work, work and work. Non stop, 24-7!!! This week got additional mini project, or should I call errand to pile up on top of my current little errand for him. That day was the day I review my errand's progress him. Suddenly out of nowhere, he asked whether he had already pass me my declaration of independence paper. I told him, he has not. Geezz... not sure what he meant when he throw that question into my face. Do he really forgot to pass me the paper after due so long? Or he meant that my debt to him still unsettled, and that why he has not given me the paper? So which is which!!! Damn!!! How retard can I be!!! With or without the declaration of independence paper, I'm free as I can be as today, no additional benefits or additional money will I get with that freaking paper.

So how important is the declaration of independence paper to you?

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