Sunday, August 26, 2007

What A Great Weekend!!!

What a great fucking weekend??!!! NMKCCB!! I came back from Laundry last Saturday early morning, I found out that my freaking StreamyX was down for good. Did not bother much cause I was damn tired and knock out after the booze drinking session. I woke up in late morning, and called up the TM Net customer service. As I expected, same old response, the repair can only be down after 2 working days. I called at Saturday so my internet connection expected to be up and running on this coming Tuesday!!! WHAT THE FUCK!!! Then what TM Net expect me to do during the 4 days. I felt so disabled.

I needed to login into my company system to clear some stuff, and I was unable. Decide to hangout in Taipan, USJ Subang after gym to online. I hanged out at Leo's Taipan, USJ Subang. Cool and nice place to hang out. Thanks to my buddy, Rocco, for his accompany and drinks. Congratulations on his engagement and can't wait for red bomb on coming June!!! Thanks for the talk cock session......

Hahahahahha... ok gtg.... promise HHTHJM, to be at her house by 5:45 pm and I'm late... She wanted to get some freebies from Esteer Lauder from Jusco... See ya..

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