Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Warna-Warna Malaysiaku

Check out the video below by Siti Nurhaliza for Warna-Warna Malaysiaku - Satu Lambang Perpaduan latest campaign. The Colour of Malaysia - A Symbol of Unity. Keep an eye on the video during the last few second before the video ends and tell me if spot anything obscene. Geezzz... maybe just my imagination... Hahahaha... By the way, Merdeka Day is just around the corner, so means HOLIDAY!!! No work!!! Hahahah... gomen gomen, should be MERDEKA!!! MERDEKA!!! MERDEKA!!! So you guys and girls out there, any plans for that weekend??

So notice anything ar?? Hehehehe.. check out below lar, if lazy to view the video. Keng mou!!! Tabik 3 times!!! Hehehee... actually nothing one lar, only that it reminds me of something, but actually, it is not. Yeahhh.... a symbol of unity for Malaysian!!!

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