Friday, August 03, 2007

Team Building - Sungai Klah Hot Springs

Yahooo... at last, time to relax and leave this blardy urbanized modern slavery for a day!!! Damn kau happy!!! Gonna have team building organized by my dept at Sungai Klah Hot Springs. Staying overnight at Trolak Country Resort. Check out the photos here. Clean, Green and Friendly. It is my first time joining a team building. So excited. Team building is quite common for a US based company. My previous companies don't have team building activities, but they do have a similar one, family day. Hehehehe.... team building or family day, both activities are held to build relationship and strengthen the bond between friends and families.

There will be a treasure hunt starting from my company up to Trolak Country Resort. Can't wait to have fun and sharpen my treasure hunt skills for next week hunt at Klang Valley. I was glad that HHTHJM can make it to the team building and join my treasure hunt team. It was a last minute thingie, and thank god her boss agreed on it. She will become my wingman for this hunt. Hope my team will finished at top five. Gambatte....!!!

Btw, I heard the hot springs at Sungai Klah is so hot till you can boil or cook eggs there!!! Awesome isn't it?? Maybe I should grabs some eggs and test it out or should I just cook my own eggs?? Hehehehe.. I will risk my future happiness just to test how hot is the hot springs!!! Okay, time to packed my stuff and crash!!! See ya on next 2 days!!! Good night...


Hello Rainbow said...

Never bring me goooooo leave ur future wife to be at home.. cis cis. Bring me back a bottle of the spring water! lol

k u k u j i o a m a n said...

LOL!!! Laopo.. dun lar say like that.!!! Me go there for work purpose mah!! Next time i bring you ok, very near nia!!! Spring water?? Got keep for you but forgot to bring!! Sorry... bluek!!