Friday, August 31, 2007

Happy 50th Birthday, Malaysia!!!

Happy Birthday, Malaysia!!! Happy Merdeka!!! Not sure why not so happy celebrating Merdeka these day. One of the reason is that I'm sick like a dog, staying on my bed trying to get well while others busy enjoying the Merdeka Celebration. Hahaha!!!

People have been saying that they do love Malaysia since then. But do we really love Malaysia? How do we love Malaysia? Rallying up the Mat Rempits with Malaysia flags to prove patriotism or shouting Merdeka x3 while having a sex party? Hahaha.. So do we really love this country or are we just shouting or put flags on our cars for the sake of showing nia? Geezzz, must my fever taking over me. Talking crap and nonsense.

Anyway, it has been 50 years since Malaysia Merdeka. I'm glad I'm be born here and all the multi-racial thingie here and there. And most important, no natural disaster. Hahahaha... Since I was sick, I just woke up and have my dinner. While having my dinner, I saw this advertisment from Petronas on Merdeka really caught my attention. Brilliant advertisment again by Petronas. Check the website here for thier brilliant advertisment.

Lady : Ok, who is your best friends?
Boy 1 : He is.
Boy 2 : He is
Lady : Ok, if he is your best friend. What is his race?
Boy 1 : Err.. race? What is race? You mean race car ar?
Boy 2 : Race? I forget what is race...

Happy 50th MERDEKA!!!

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