Friday, August 31, 2007

Advice from Good Policeman - Malaysia Bulleh!!!

Booze session at Laundry...

This is what left, after that...

Last Friday night, a policeman stopped me and reminded me that Ramadan is just around the corner. I was so surprised because I did not that Hari Raya is coming till that policeman told me. He advised me that the Ramadan month is just around the corner, and asked me to drive safely!!! WTF!!!

After booze session at Laundry, Curve and sending the girls to get thier car at SkalaBebas, I cruised home along the highway doing 130km/h. BTW, it is a great outting with couples of hiccups here and there. When I spotted a policeman sitting behind the flyover pillar, it was too late. Slow down before the tol gate, I took out all my RM50 notes and left 2 RM10 notes with couples of RM1 notes. Keng mou??!! Must learn from me lor... Hehehhee...

As I expected, after the tol, I was pulled over. Below are the conversation between me and the policeman.

kkjm: Selamat malam, bang. Apa salah saya?
Polis: Encik telah melebihi had laju.
kkjm: Ya ke?
Polis: Had laju baru 80km sejam, tapi encik bawak 123km sejam.
kkjm: Bang, boleh settle tak? Saya baru balik kerja. (Start bluffing)
Polis: You nak balik mana? Settle? Nanti you main-main sama saya (I think the policeman scare I framed him for taking bribing)
kkjm: Shah Alam dekat je. Tarak main-main. Saya letih nak balik cepat ke rumah.
Polis: Ok lar...(still skeptical) You ada berapa?
kkjm: (taking out my wallet and show him) Bang, baru ada RM20++. RM 20 ok?
Polis: Errrr.. ok lar... tapi you cukup tak? (wah so caring one our policeman!!!) Nanti lapar nak makan atau nak isi minyak.
kkjm: Saya ok punya. Rumah dekat je.
Polis: Ok, duit kasi lipat. (after I folded the money, he walked over to verified my road tax before taking the cash)
Polis: Ok lar, bulan puasa sudah mau datang, banyak operasi, so you mest mau berhati-hati.
kkjm: (giving the blur look to him and cursing him WTF!!!) Ohhh... ok, saya akan. Terima kasih, bang.

Then, I quickly drove away and cursing the fucking policeman. Not sure want to salute him or fuck him upside down!!! So too all the drivers out there, take note that bulan Ramadan is coming, and police will have more roadblocks to collect thier duit raya!!! Malaysia BULLEH!!!


cc said...

From today's newspaper, I think they're planning to add more police force to help give advice!

k u k u j i o a m a n said...

Walau.. are you sure boh!!! Like that must be careful lor...!!!